Which direction should you shave your head?

Which direction should you shave your head?

You will have to follow basic guidelines when you first shave your head to perform the task quickly and with confidence. If you’re a guy, you obviously have a history here if you shave your beard regularly. But you might need a little coaching if you are a woman. And everybody can learn some great tips on shaving their heads to simplify the process.

One point is important to make clear: don’t move in the opposite direction because you will often nick yourself, especially as you do this for the first time. Use gentle strokes without rushing. Make sure you don’t press too strongly. If your hair is very thick, shave it first as it grows and then groom it in the reverse direction so that it gets very similar.

In this article, you’ll learn some tips and tricks about shaving your head that might be useful if you’re a beginner, but also if you frequently shave the hair on your head.


Why do men shave their head?

 There are several purposes to shave your hair and to follow a change in fashion. Many men start losing hair and feel like it’s best to shave their head. The cooling effect is attractive during the summer heat. Some shave their heads in honor of a family member or friend who is being treated for cancer and has lost their hair. Nonetheless, there are suggestions for head shaving to remember if you are eager to shave your head for the first time.


How often should you shave your head?

 The number of times that you choose to shave your head during a period of time depends on the appearance you want or the benefits you want to obtain. When your chosen look is no hair at all, you actually have to shave the hair every day. You must shave your head as much as you shave your beard to achieve the smooth look. Some men have to shave daily, but that is not a problem as long as they obtain the desired results. Some even do it once again at night because their hair is very rough or dark or grows fast.  And maybe you don’t need a clean look, but you’d like to let your hair grow in natural ways. How often you choose to shave is rather a question of choice.


What should you know about shaving your head?


There are many things you need, like equipment and supplies to shave your head, particularly when you intend to transform it into a habit.

Use the electrical cutters to cut the hair if it is longer. If your hair is grown, you can start with some high quality clips and then move easily to electronic clippers. Then take 1⁄4 inch of hair left after the clippers have been used.

Men who shave their beards have some tricks for shaving their heads already, but it might be different for someone who is trying to shave their head for the first time. Opening the pores in your skin and lubricating the area with warm water is helpful. You can do that in many ways. The easiest thing to do is have a hot shower. Put your garments in a warm water, wash it. Apply the cloths for a few minutes to your head before you shave.

Many methods of lubricating your scalp are possible but do not overlook this suggestion.  The conventional shaving cream can be used, but baby oil, sunflower oils or other cooking oils can also be used. The benefit of oil is that it is translucent, so you will see how you do it. It often reduces the burning of razors.

Another important advice is always to shave your head with the grain. Don’t shave in the opposite direction as you tend to nick yourself, especially when you do it for the first time.

Keep the area properly oiled or creamy and continue to put water on your skin or razor. It takes some time, especially when it is the first time. Use the magnifying mirror to see where your strokes should be concentrated. You should keep your ears off the blade and cover your eyes so that they are not unintentionally kicked. Rinse your razor with warm water to ensure that you get rid of all the dead hair and skin and keep getting shaved. You might even have to replace the blades after two or three shaves. When you hack, stop treating the cut with a styptic pencil or a little bit of cloth. Before shaving, let the area heal totally.

Some sections of your head will show a stubble. But how can the stubble be seen? Run your hand over your head to make sure that you know where you need a consistent length. Expect that the stubble lies in the cowlick region or any indentations.

If you are happy, use a shower head or cool water clothes to spray your hair in cool water. The pores on your skin are closed now.

Carefully dry your hair. Don’t rub it, nor use a soft tissue to cover it. To soothe the scalp, add a moisturizer. Do not use any tobacco products or other specific drugs that will irritate the face. Such aftershave products can often irritate your first exposed delicate skin area.

You can see that your skin can be very light under your hair A tanning lotion can be used to make a few shades darker to fit the usual color of skin.


How should you take care of your skin?

 The scalp can more quickly dry out because hair doesn’t cover it any more. Get plenty of water to drink. And if the skin is hot or irritable, use a moisturizer.

Through giving your head a rub, you will maintain a healthy scal It helps the blood to flow and also promotes hair growth. Use your fingers ‘ tips. Do some small circles with your hands while massaging the skin. Start with your forehead and massage the scalp’s crown. Massage your head’s neck, hopefully.

You should be armed with these tips for head-shaving to continue shaving your head after reading this article. Nonetheless, be prepared for your family and friends ‘ interesting comments because both pros and cons are to shave your head.  Yet remember that this will most probably considerably alter your look. It is up to you how you treat the questions of your friends and family. You can clarify in greater detail your motives or clearly grin like you’ve got a secret.



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