Which direction should you shave your head?

Which direction should you shave your head?

There are many reasons why men choose to shave their head. Some do it for fashion reasons, others do it because they start to go bald and their old haircut simply doesn’t look good anymore, while others just want to cool a bit during a hot summer. Others do it because their profession requires it (soldiers), others do it because their health requires it (chemotherapy), while others might do it in honor of their friend or family member who is going through chemo treatment.

No matter the reason you have for shaving your head, it’s important to get informed a bit before doing this for the first time in order to avoid any cuts, irritation or other issues. And it’s also important to know the direction to shave. Should you follow the growing direction of the hair? Or should you go against the grain?

Which Direction Should You Shave Your Head?

The best way to go about this and the general guideline for beginners is to shave in the same direction as the hair grows. The process is easier and it’s also safer. This way you avoid any nasty cuts or irritation. After you gained some experience with shaving your head and you feel more confident, you can also go against the grain if you want to get a very close shave.

In that case your head will be as smooth as a baby face, but this sensation will not last for too long. In a day or 2 the hair will grow back, and it would be the same as if you had shave normally (in the direction of the hair). So you need to decide if it’s actually worth it to get a few cuts or irritation in order to have a perfectly smooth shave that will only last for a few days.

It also depends on the razor blade you are using, your technique, the shaving cream, etc. If your scalp reacts well and doesn’t get irritated by shaving against the grain, then sure, go for it! If not, just stick to regular shaving in the direction of the hair.

How To Shave Your Head?

The process is not as complicated as it may seem, but it does require some preparation and a lot of patience. Follow these steps for a smooth shave that is free of cuts or irritation:

  • Trim your hair – a razor blade is not effective on long hair and will   also get clogged up pretty quickly. So you first need to use a hair clipper and to trim the hair as much as possible
  • Wash your head – take a hot shower or at least wash your head under the sink in order to soften the hair and prepare it for shaving
  • Apply Shaving Cream – try to get some quality cream instead of settling down for the cheapest gel in a tube. This will not only soften the hair, but also improve razor-gliding and protect against irritation
  • Use a new razor blade – or at least one that hasn’t been used for too many times. Check the lubrastrips and if their color is faded, you can take a new disposable razor or change the shaving head
  • Shave with light and gentle strokes – as you may already know by now from shaving your beard, you need to go slowly, with light and smooth strokes, using a mild pressure. Take your time and don’t rush the process, as you might get cut or irritated. For your first shaves follow the direction of the hair, and only once you gain more experience go against the grain
  • Shave along contours – if your razor is an adaptive one, the blades will easily pivot over the contours of your scalp. Fold your ears down when shaving in that area in order to avoid getting them nicked
  • Rinse blades often – make sure to run the blades under the faucet every few strokes in order to remove hair, dead skin and shaving cream, and avoid getting them clogged up. Do not hit the razor against the sink or wipe it with a towel, as these actions can affect the blades and the components
  • Reapply shaving cream – if you need to pass multiple times through the same spots, make sure to apply some more cream in order to prevent irritation or razor burn
  • Rinse and dry – after you are done, rinse your head with cool water and then dry it with a towel
  • Moisturize – use an after-shave lotion immediately in order to soothe the skin and prevent irritation. Use a quality product that is free of alcohol. Not only it will keep your scalp soft and hydrated, but it will also give a really nice smell


How often to shave your head?

This basically comes down to personal preferences. It depends on the look that you want to achieve. Do you always want to have a very smooth and shiny head? Or you are ok with a bit of hair? If you prefer the first option, then you should consider shaving daily or at least every other day. You can basically combine shaving your head with shaving your beard, and do them at the same time.

If having some small hair doesn’t bother you, you can shave about once every week. Each man has different hair: some have very dark and thick hair, while others have it light and scarce. Some grows faster, while other grows much slowly. So it’s just a matter of trial and error. Shave your head, wait for a few days and see how fast it grows. Then, adjust according to your personal preferences and your available time.

There you go! Now you know the answer to the question “which direction should you shave your head”, and you also know a few tips for getting a clean and safe shave. Which direction do YOU shave your head? How often do you do it? Let us know in the comments area below.


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