What Do Barbers Use for Shape Ups?

What Do Barbers Use for Shape Ups?

A shape-up, also known as a line-up or an edge-up, is a style that involves cutting along the natural hairline, with the purpose to create a straight edge. These edge-ups are essentially the popular haircuts that are meant to offer a nice contour and different shapes. During the 1980’s, such haircuts became popular amongst those with thick and dark hair. ⠀ Once it became popular, many other stylish haircuts have derived from it.

So how do barbers get the perfect shapes? What are they using? Remember first of all that barbers have years of experience before they can get a spotless cut. Secondly, remember that they work with professional hair styling products and high-end tools. You certainly know these things from your colleagues if you are a barber at the beginning of your career.

Although there are people who are reasonably competent to shape their own structures, many tend to do it in a barber’s shop. In this article you will learn the most popular methods and devices barbers use to do shape-ups. Whether you want to do it yourself next time or you simply want to give your barber a hint, this article will answer some of your questions.

Why have perfect shape-ups become so popular?

When attempting to do a shape-up, using the best edger is essential. A poor one can ruin your career before it has even started. A consumer will look at any famous person via social media and pick the look they want for themselves. Men do not fear changing their style, especially due to the fact that their hair grows faster, so they love visiting local barber shops frequently. Their options for a genius haircut are better known and they will only accept the best, on the other hand. Edgers are particularly significant because they determine the quality of the haircut. Trends are rapidly changing, so a barber must know a lot of techniques and be able to adapt fast if they want to survive in this fast paced industry.

In the past decade, men have paid a lot more attention to their looks. With the influence of social media and Hollywood stars, men have more inspiration for their hairstyles than ever before. To ensure that they are always capable of delivering what the customer wants, barbers have to have the best tools to do the perfect haircut.

What techniques do barbers use for shape-ups?

Formerly more commonly used for the black hair, however, this type of perfectly contoured haircut is now popular for any type of hair, length and shape. To guys with face hair, a shape-up look across the head can be continued on their beard, too.

Like every haircut, shape-ups look best right after using the edger. It is important to know that anyone who decides to go for this style will have to cut their hair much more often. Wait a bit before hair gets out a little bit before getting a trim to keep pushing the hairline down. The barber must keep the edge as close as possible to the natural hairline during each haircut.

Among the most common methods is to line up the hairline, making a buzz that is much more attractive. Barbers do an ultra-short haircut and create a fade towards the neckline. Next, a shaved line is often added. The structured edge shows contrasting texture especially if the hair is wavy.

The line-up of the haircut sounds exactly like it. The forehead and temples can be shaved using straight lines and perfect angles rather than into a natural hairline.

A lineup can also offer a clear contour for masculine hairstyles and add a fashionable finish.  Just a warning about this cut’s annoyance. When the hair grows in, the line begins to grow and change shape.

What to look for when choosing an edger?

When choosing the best hair cutting tools for barbers, there are a few things to consider. Durability is important when you use it many times a day. You have to make sure that during a long shift your hands don’t grow tired or sore. The finest edger must, of course, build the finest edges.

The quality of the blades of an edger refers directly to how easy it is to trim and whether you can render the look you want. Steel blades are normally a great choice when looking for an edger that will not disappoint you.

The edger should be equipped with an engine that delivers consistent performance while making every cutting job easier to perform. Most edgers come with magnetic generators, although rotating motors offer additional options.

Such a tool is known for its versatility because of its total amount of accessories. Some products are available with guides to help you cut thicker or longer hair and curved combs to create unique faded patterns.

The market offers corded edgers, cordless ones or products that support both. In any case, you must have a good energy source that will last and prevent the device from slowing down when you must need it. Many such tools have a rechargeable battery and others have an electric cord that has to be attached to it when needed. Both types have their advantages as well as their drawbacks. Batteries generally allow more freedom of movement and can be used virtually anywhere, though.

Your edger must have a convenient grip and a comfortable handle. Some of them come with rubber grips that make them more durable while others have grooves that allow quicker grip. Another feature that an edger can have is a vibrations function. Most high quality devices for shape-ups are shielded to avoid distracting vibrations, and anything that reduces vibrations to a minimum is a bonus in the project.

Is having a nice shape-up a must for your image? If yes, then you will have to learn how to find pleasure in either doing it yourself or going to the barber’s shop more often. Whether you do it yourself or you simply want to know how your barber does to achieve this result, staying informed is only going to help.

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