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Merkur 37C Safety Razor

Merkur 37C Safety Razor Review

The Merkur 37C is a slant head razor and is more aggressive than your typical closed comb safety razor. It looks exactly like a Merkur 34C except that someone stepped on the head.

As it turns out, this is on purpose. I’ve heard that the Merkur 37C bends the blade, and the response is so does the Merkur 34C, what’s the difference? Well, it’s not so much that it bends the blade, it’s more of a twist. The logic that I have heard is that the razor blade will slice through the facial hair rather than chopping. This is claimed to be more efficient and therefore closer.

To be honest the slant head in scared me a bit starting off. I was just getting used to safety razors in general and now I’m hearing more aggressive.

I saw the Merkur 37C online for $31 USD/$42 CDN with free shipping. Now while it scared me, it perked my interest and I knew one day I would want to give it a shot. I knew enough to know that this was a great deal, so I ordered it knowing that I wouldn’t be trying it anytime soon.

Just like the Merkur 34C, the Merkur 37C is a 2 piece razor. I prefer this to a 3 piece and the principle of loading is the same as the Merkur 34C.

As I continued to stare at the Merkur 37C in my den, I mustered the courage to give it a shot. I was getting consistently great shaves with my other products so it was time to up the ante.

In your hand it feels more or less exactly like the Merkur 34C, which feels great. My first road block came immediately when I went to load the razor blade. There is a lot of slop in this one, and I was already a little nervous about just using this safety razor in general. I wanted to make sure that the blade was loaded correctly.

I had a little more trouble than I expected finding a link to show the proper alignment. What I ultimately found and confirmed to be correct is that the razor blade edge should be parallel to the safety bar, like this:

This might seem obvious if you know what you’re doing, but I didn’t so I felt better after I had checked.

So how does it shave?! Well, the shave with the Merkur 37C is nothing short of amazing. I always do a 3 pass shave – with the grain, across the grain, against the grain.

The first pass WTG does feel noticeably different than using a “regular” safety razor like the Merkur 34C. It is easy to get used to and find the right angle.

The second pass XTG is where I really notice the difference. I can tell when going XTG that there is significantly less resistance than the second pass with a Merkur 34C or Edwin Jagger, so logic states that the first pass does in fact take it closer than a regular closed comb safety razor.

Rinsing my face after the second pass the first couple times I tried it was when I realized that I already had a very close shave, and realistically I probably didn’t even need a third pass. I still do a third pass as I like getting very close and soft. If I was pressed for time and needed to shave I would very likely go for a 2 pass shave with the Merkur 37C.

I’ve now used the Merkur 37C many times, and for me pairing it with a Voskhod blade is pretty well a perfect shave. The Voskhod is just that little bit sharper than a Derby and smooth enough to pair nicely with the slant head.

I highly recommend adding the Merkur 37C to your collection.

Overall Subjective Rating = 5/5

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Merkur 34C Safety Razor

Merkur 34C HD Safety Razor Review

When I set out to try a safety razor, the top two most popular picks for someone starting off were the Merkur 34C or the Edwin Jagger DE8x line. I went to a local shaving shop and they were sold out of the Merkur 34C HD, so that made my choice very simple.

I did however continue to see the Merkur 34C getting rave reviews and recommendations. As I was falling in love with my Edwin Jagger I came to the fortunate realization that I was allowed to own more than one safety razor. Both of these safety razors are essential to a well rounded collection, or can easily be the perfect stand alone if you only need or want one.

As with the Edwin Jagger, this is a safety razor that is great for beginners, but it is not a beginners razor. This means you will enjoy either of these safety razors long after you begin shaving with a safety razor.

The Merkur 34C is on the milder end of the aggression spectrum, although I find it slightly more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger. Don’t let this scare you off if you are just starting off, it is not overly aggressive. I use the Merkur 34C both on my face and head with excellent results.

The Merkur 34C is a 2 piece safety razor which I prefer to a 3 piece. I did find there was some “slop” in the blade when it is loaded, so as it is tightened you will want to make sure that there is an even amount of razor blade on each side and that the edge is parallel to the guard.

The handle itself is great. The HD stands for Heavy Duty, which does give it some weight. I like that you do not feel the need to apply any pressure because of this, and the short length gives a lot of control.

I highly recommend the Merkur 34C, whether you are buying your first safety razor or just adding a classic to your collection. The Merkur 34C HD is basically a legend in the safety razor world, you will not be disappointed.

Overall Subjective Rating = 5/5

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Edwin Jagger DE86-BL Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE86-BL Safety Razor Review

This is the first safety razor that I bought. When doing my initial research starting out, I found that there were two popular razors best suited to someone starting out: The Edwin Jagger and the Merkur 34C. The store I went to was sold out of the Merkur 34C, and being impatient it made the decision very easy.

To clarify, this is a safety razor that is great for beginners – it is not a beginner’s safety razor. There is a difference, and that is that you will enjoy this safety razor long after you begin shaving.

It is well suited for a beginner as it is on the mild end of the shaving spectrum. When paired with a mild blade like a Derby Extra you will have a lower chance of cutting and irritating your face as you learn the proper blade angle and pressure. In addition to my face I also use this on my head with excellent results. As you become more comfortable you can essential throttle the aggressiveness by increasing the blade sharpness to something like a Voskhod and then all the way up to a Feather.

The Edwin Jagger has many model and different style choices which is well suited for personalization. The DE stands for double edge, DE86 is black, the DE87 is (faux) ivory, and the DE89 is chrome plated. An “L” at the end indicates a lined handle for extra grip, and the handles can be rubberized as well. I have also seen pink and purple handles being marketed towards ladies. The head on all of these models are the same.

I have seen concern over the grip on the smooth handle models. Having used the DE86 many times I can say I have had no issues with it being slippery. It may require a wipe every now and then, but so does every other razor and it is not problematic. If being slippery is an issue for you I have also seen people leave their alum block out to slightly rub your fingers and gain more grip.

The DE8x is a 3 piece razor which is easy to load, and I have found that every blade I have tried has no “slop” once it’s loaded. Some of the razors you really need to make sure the blade is properly aligned once you tighten it up, this one has been perfect every time.

I highly recommend the Edwin Jagger DE8x line, whether you are buying your first safety razor or just adding a classic to your collection. You will not be disappointed.

Overall Subjective Rating = 5/5

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What is a Safety Razor?

So What is a Safety Razor Anyways?

The first time my friend asked me if I’ve thought about using a safety razor, my first question was “what is a safety razor”? While he referred me to Google, I thought I would give a quick background. I find everyone I tell that I shave with a safety razor asks the exact same first question: What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a traditional style razor that predominantly uses a double edge razor blade (there are single edge razor blades but they are less common). There is a safety bar or comb on the head of the razor that controls the amount of blade exposure, and the aggressiveness of the shave is controlled by different styles of heads.

Safety Razors were first patented in the late 1800’s and became popular in the early 1900’s as a convenient alternative to a straight razor or going to a barber. Over time the disposable cartridge model became popular, and people gravitated to the razor with the most blades wins attitude.

It turns out that not only are cartridge razors expensive, but having 5 blades running across your skin several times can actually cause irritation. People are finding that by taking their time and shaving properly, it is actually less expensive with limited or no irritation (or “razor burn”).

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