So What is a Safety Razor Anyways?

So What is a Safety Razor Anyways?

The first time my friend asked me if I’ve thought about using a safety razor, my first question was “what is a safety razor”? While he referred me to Google, I thought I would give a quick background. I find everyone I tell that I shave with a safety razor asks the exact same first question: What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a traditional style razor that predominantly uses a double edge razor blade (there are single edge razor blades but they are less common). There is a safety bar or comb on the head of the razor that controls the amount of blade exposure, and the aggressiveness of the shave is controlled by different styles of heads.

Safety Razors were first patented in the late 1800’s and became popular in the early 1900’s as a convenient alternative to a straight razor or going to a barber. Over time the disposable cartridge model became popular, and people gravitated to the razor with the most blades wins attitude.

It turns out that not only are cartridge razors expensive, but having 5 blades running across your skin several times can actually cause irritation. People are finding that by taking their time and shaving properly, it is actually less expensive with limited or no irritation (or “razor burn”).

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