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Merkur 37C Safety Razor

Merkur 37C Safety Razor Review

The Merkur 37C is a slant head razor and is more aggressive than your typical closed comb safety razor. It looks exactly like a Merkur 34C except that someone stepped on the head. As it turns out, this is on purpose. I’ve heard that the Merkur 37C bends the blade,… Read more

Merkur 34C Safety Razor

Merkur 34C HD Safety Razor Review

When I set out to try a safety razor, the top two most popular picks for someone starting off were the Merkur 34C or the Edwin Jagger DE8x line. I went to a local shaving shop and they were sold out of the Merkur 34C HD, so that made my… Read more

Edwin Jagger DE86-BL Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE86-BL Safety Razor Review

This is the first safety razor that I bought. When doing my initial research starting out, I found that there were two popular razors best suited to someone starting out: The Edwin Jagger and the Merkur 34C. The store I went to was sold out of the Merkur 34C, and… Read more