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Osma Alum Bloc

Osma Alum Block Review

The Osma Alum Block is actually something that I’ve been using long before I started shaving with a safety razor. I received it as a gift and would use it in the shower after shaving with my 5 blade cartridge. Even before actively looking into anything to do with shaving,… Read more

Fendrihan Safety Razor Leather Case Tan and Black

Fendrihan Safety Razor Leather Pouch

When I was looking for a travel case for a safety razor, I was pretty surprised when I came across the Fendrihan Safety Razor Leather Pouch for only $11 USD / $13.50 CDN. This was substantially less than anything else I was looking at and exactly what I was looking for.… Read more

DE Razor Blade Bank Disposal Unit

Razor Blade Bank Review

This item is referred to as a Razor Blade Bank or Razor Blade Disposal Unit. I first ran into one at my local shave shop when my friend was asking for a safe disposal procedure since he has small children. In my community you aren’t allowed to put sharp items… Read more