Razor Blade Bank Review

Razor Blade Bank Review

This item is referred to as a Razor Blade Bank or Razor Blade Disposal Unit. I first ran into one at my local shave shop when my friend was asking for a safe disposal procedure since he has small children.

Razor Blade Bank, Black
  • Store razor blades safely with this handy blade bankReusable design; bottom is removableBeautiful black finish with razor blade...
  • This economical blade safe is great for storing used blades. Comes in black with a cool razor blade printed on the side.

In my community you aren’t allowed to put sharp items like razor blades right into the garbage, they need to be contained and marked. Further, if you have pets, small kids, or anyone that might be rooting through the garbage (not sure who else that might be but I don’t judge) it is important to make sure that nothing gets sliced that isn’t supposed to. Maybe your new girlfriend accidently knocks your comb in your uncovered garbage can and attempts to quickly recover it before notice.

There isn’t much to really review here, it’s a black container with a slit in the top. This post is more aimed at awareness in case you didn’t know these existed. It can hold I would guess a few hundred blades and is relatively cheap, I have seen it anywhere from $2-8. I think $8 is a bit much for what it is, so even for this I would try to find a better deal (the $2-4 seems fair to me).

They make all types of fancy metal or porcelain blade banks, but I keep mine in the top drawer in my bathroom so I really don’t care what it looks like. I paid $3.25 and it does what it’s supposed to.


Razor Blade Bank, Black

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I would recommend getting something like this for the your used razor blades. It will hold a good couple years worth of blades and than you can wrap a piece of duct tape around it and throw it in the garbage.

I was actually surprised that my city website says to throw these in the garbage and that they cannot be recycled. If you have any ideas on how to recycle blades rather than throw them in the garbage please leave a comment below!


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