Osma Alum Block Review

Osma Alum Block Review

The Osma Alum Block is actually something that I’ve been using long before I started shaving with a safety razor. I received it as a gift and would use it in the shower after shaving with my 5 blade cartridge.

Even before actively looking into anything to do with shaving, I noticed that the Osma Alum Block did indeed reduce my irritation and it was part of my routine.

Bloc Osma Alum Block, 2.65 Ounce
  • All natural astringent that closes razor nicks
  • Soothes and cools
  • Handmade
  • Made in France

The claim on the box is that it “Soothes shaving irritation.” I would have to agree. It comes with a bit of a kick, which is often referred to as “feedback”. You can tell how your skin handled the shave by the amount of sting that you feel. This may speak to the quality of your blade, soap or technique that you may have used for that shave.

Not only does it sooth shaving irritation, but it is an effective tool as an antiseptic and astringent and stops any bleeding from minor nicks and cuts.

I shave my head as well as my face. What I like most about the alum block is that I don’t always notice a little nick on the back or crown of my head. If I do not use the alum block I often tend to notice a dried little nick hours later or the next day. I also have a pretty aggressive process for shaving around my mouth, and I do tend to get the smallest of nicks that show up in my goatee area after I am finished everything if I do not use the alum.

I use the Osma Alum Block on my entire head and my goatee area. Afterwards there is never any sign of any nicks, anything that may have been there has been completely disinfected and sealed up. It is fantastic.

The instructions on the box are: “Wet the stone and apply it on the face after mechanical shaving or before electrical shaving”.

A little more detailed description of what I do is: Wet shave, warm rinse, cold rinse, wet stone with cold water and apply to desired area, wait 30 seconds and cold rinse off, pat dry, apply aftershave, moisturize if necessary. The results I get from this are fantastic.

There is some very interesting history and information about alum blocks for cosmetic use on the Osma Laboratoires website. As per their site, alum has been used for thousands of years and Osma only uses pure and natural alum crystal.

There is concern that products containing alum may be dangerous. Potassium alum is claimed to be the only natural alum which is alleged to be safer. Regarding the danger, Osma states that “nobody is able to prove the transcutaneous passage of alum stone molecula”.

From my research online I could not find anything that I would consider “proof” that alum is dangerous. There is a lot of opinions written or studies with mice and large doses, but I did not come across any hard facts regarding using small amounts for cosmetic purposes.

I personally use and highly enjoy this product. If you have any constructive comments or links to credible studies regarding this matter please do leave a comment below.

Overall Subjective Rating = 5/5

Bloc Osma Alum Block, 2.65 Ounce

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Ingredients: Potassium alum.

Made in France.

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