Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

Is it better to shave wet or dry with an electric razor?

Until a few decades ago, shaving was pretty simple and straight forward: you would use a straight edge „cut throat” razor with soap and water. Then disposable razor blades appeared along with shaving cream or foam, and made the process a bit simpler. But this process always involved water and it was always wet shaving. Dry shaving with a straight razor or a disposable blade was just too painful and unpractical.

Then, electric razors appeared on the market and they were designed for dry shaving. Now people had a clear distinction between the two processes and things were quite simple: you use the blades for wet shaving and the electric device for dry shaving. But things became more complicated with the introduction of waterproof electric razors, which can now be used for wet shaving as well. Many people were confused and asked the question:

Is It Better To Shave Wet or Dry with an Electric Razor?

Unfortunately, no one can give a straight and definitive answer to this question. Wet shaving with an electric razor is not better, but it’s also not worse than dry shaving. Each one has its pros and cons and it depends on a few factors that we’ll discuss in this article. Your best option would be to use both methods, depending on your available time and your location.


Pros of Wet Shaving

  • A Closer Shave – wet shaving with cream will give you a more comfortable and closer shave. It’s still not that perfect “baby face” appearance that you can get with a traditional razor, but it’s still a bit better than dry shaving
  • Better for the Skin – by following the entire ritual and starting with a cleanser, then adding shaving cream and finishing with some aftershave at the end, you will get less rashes and irritation, and protect your skin on the long term. Not to mention that you will also exfoliate the skin and get rid of tiny parts of dirt and debris
  • A More Interesting Experience – the fact that you have an entire ritual makes it fun for many people and they look forward to start the day with a wet shave. It’s also a better sensory experience as the shaving cream and the after shave have their own unique scents which may remain on your skin for the entire day. Make sure to use a quality shaving cream (not that from a pressurized can) and also a good after-shave


Cons of Wet Shaving

  • More Time Consuming – in order to complete your entire shaving ritual, you need about 15 to 20 minutes, if not more. So if you are late for an important meeting or date, wet shaving is not really the fastest process
  • You Need Water, Cream, etc. – you just can’t wet shave anywhere, as you need to have your cleanser, the shaving cream, the after shave and of course, water
  • More Expensive – not taking into account the price of the water which is insignificant, you still have to spend money on all the needed products (cleanser, shaving cream and after shave lotion)


Pros of Dry Shaving

These are basically the opposite of the cons of wet shaving:

  • More Time Efficient – dry shaving is really fast; you just get your electric razor and start using it right away. Sometimes it may take 10 minutes, sometimes even less, depending on how long and thick your beard is
  • More Freedom – when you wet shave you have to be in your bathroom, near the sink or in the shower. But when you dry shave you can do it absolutely anywhere. You can do it in your back yard while sipping on a coffee, in the car, on top of a mountain or anywhere else you want (assuming that you have your electric razor with you and it’s charged)
  • It’s Cheaper – by only using the electric razor and not needing a cleanser and shaving cream, you save some money over the years


Cons of Dry Shaving

  • Not So Close – electric razors cut the hair above the surface of the skin, so you will not get that perfectly clean shave that you can only get with a blade and wet shaving
  • Less Power – and here we are referring to a scenario where you are travelling and taking the electric razor with you and do not have an available socket (let’s say a road trip or a hike). The lower the battery level, the less power the device will have. This means that it won’t be as effective as when you are at home and can charge it daily. But this is a rare scenario
  • You May Get Irriation or Cuts – you are more likely to cut yourself when dry shaving, compared to wet shaving where the beard gets softer and easier to cut. But you are less likely to get cut anyway with an electric razor compared to a classic or a straight blade
  • Less fun – some people like the quick and straight-forward process of dry shaving, while others miss the wet shaving ritual


Is Rotary or Foil Shaver Better?

In case you are planning to buy an electric razor, you might be wondering which type to choose. Foil shavers are better for those with sensitive skin, as the metal foil gives more protection and keeps the blades from touching your skin. They work best when used every day, and will give a closer shave.

Rotary shavers cut better and are more suited for those with thicker or longer beard, and a tough skin. They can even be used on 3-day beard, but no more than that. If your beard is longer, then it’s better to use a trimmer first and then an electric razor.

So there is no definitive answer and no one can say precisely which is better: dry shaving or wet shaving. They both have their pros and cons, and both can work great in certain situations. So if you have an electric razor, just be proud of the fact that you have the freedom and flexibility to do both dry and wet shaving, and to adjust depending on the scenario.

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