iRestore vs. Capillus vs. Hairmax vs. iGrow

iRestore vs. Capillus vs. Hairmax vs. iGrow

With technology nowadays getting more futuristic as the years go by you’d be surprised that hair loss is still an ongoing issue in today’s society. It’s an unfortunate experience for anyone suffering from the condition as hair loss leads to frustration, embarrassment, and loss of confidence. Due to this, treatments such as hair transplants, drugs, and hair growth products are all the rage but sometimes the results aren’t the ones you’re looking for.

The development of laser caps that use low-level laser energy to stimulate hair follicles has given rise to a new way of battling hair loss. This new treatment is becoming quite popular as a lot of people are starting to adopt this new way of tackling thinning hair. In this article, we’re going to review 4 of the top laser caps currently available on the market such as iRestore, Capillus, Hairmax, and iGrow to find out the best hair cap that works for you and your budget.


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Freedom Laser Therapy was founded in 2003 beginning as a laser therapy clinic before launching the iRestore after years of research. The iRestore uses a non-invasive approach in an innovative technology to provide users with a product that not only restores your look but also makes you feel your best too. Unlike other well-known brands on the market, iRestore utilizes a breathable and fit headpiece that provides great scalp coverage to fully cover all the problem areas. It’s safer, more comfortable, and easier to use when compared to other brands.

The iRestore is constructed with a ventilated pattern to allow adequate airflow to ensure your head stays cool and dry while using it. It’s sturdy as well as lightweight. The laser cap has gone through a rigorous quality inspection and testing to ensure quality before being sold on the market. The device features medical-grade foam pads to make it comfortable for you to watch your favorite shows while wearing the iRestore without causing discomfort.

It’s a clinically proven way to grow back your lost hair with minimal effort. It achieves this feat thanks to its 51 low-level light lasers and LEDs that operate at a 255mW total output. The light energy emanating from the device is absorbed by the hair follicles to promote steady hair growth. This results in dormant hair reactivating and achieving a fuller head of hair in 3-6 months of usage.

To back up this claim, research done last 2017 by the board-certified surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Adam Bodian, the effectiveness of the iRestore for treating hair loss showed a 43% increase in hair growth that showed promising results that even impressed the researchers. This laser cap works really well for people that are suffering from androgenic alopecia, receding hairline, thinning at the temples, widening parts, thinning crown, and bald spots.

Using the device in 25-minute sessions every other day is enough to provide visible results in 3-6 months but individual results may vary. The helpful built-in LCD tells users the remaining time in a given session should they wish to pause and restart. Continuous treatment is recommended to maintain results to increase the chances of helping regrow your hair. However, the product is not intended for people who are completely bald or have advanced hair loss. Its main purpose is to promote hair growth in males who possess Norwood-Hamilton Classifications of IIa to V as well as females with Ludwig-Savin Classifications of I to II.


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While iRestore offers 2 types of laser caps such as the Essential and the Professional version, Capillus meanwhile offers 3 caps from their product line. The most affordable cap is the CapillusOne, the mid-tier is the Capillus Plus, and the highest model is the CapillusPro. The main difference between the 3 products is in the number of laser diodes attached to the caps. The higher diodes mean faster stimulation of your hair follicles on the scalp to promote faster hair growth. Capillus technology utilizes low-level laser light that operates at 650 nm. It’s restorative in nature and does not damage skin cells. The wavelength used is a visible red light that is absorbed by the skin without causing any pain or discomfort.

As photobiomodulation for the treatment of hair loss is becoming more popular over the years, the Capillus cap is one of the most effective treatments of pattern hair loss when compared to other products on the market that are available right now. The product is cleared by the US FDA which is why it’s one of the top choices of most physicians due to its ease of use and guarantee of overall safety. The Capillus is also quite stealthy if you’re using the product even in public as it looks like an actual cap. This means the cap can be used anywhere without you feeling embarrassed or self-conscious, making it ideal for busy people or those that are always on the go.

The Capillus caps are recommended to be used for 6 minutes each day. It has a shorter treatment time compared to other laser caps as it uses continuous laser wave technology for even distribution of energy throughout the treatment session. The treatment is an effective way of reducing thinning or shedding, treats androgenic alopecia, augments your current hair loss treatments, as well as promotes healthy hair follicles, and improves scalp health. It’s safe, convenient, and is a great supporting product for surgical hair restoration, prescription medications, and more.

Buying the Capillus laser caps has a 6-months satisfaction guarantee as well as having up to 3-years warranty with US-based support. The manufacturer represents one of the finest at-home hair restoration treatments for people suffering from hair loss as a non-surgical option for both men and women. Recent studies show a whopping 95% success rate among users making it one of the best-recommended products by doctors due to its near-guaranteed effectiveness for anyone suffering from hereditary or reactive hair loss.


HairMax Laser Hair Growth Band LaserBand 82 (FDA Cleared). Full Scalp Hair Loss Treatment for men...

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Now that we’ve taken an in-depth review of iRestore and Capillus, it’s time to put HairMax to the test. HairMax offers 3 revolutionary products to combat hair loss with their Laser Caps, LaserBands, and LaserCombs. If you’re looking for spot treatment on your scalp that is prone to thinning, the LaserCombs or the LaserBands are great for treating mild to moderate hair loss. Laser Caps, meanwhile, are best used for advanced hair loss. It’s also hands-free and very easy to use. The Laser Caps look just like the Capillus laser cap as they both resemble an actual cap in an ultra-flexible and comfortable fit.

All three devices have 3 unique elements that set them apart from others in this article. HairMax laser devices utilize a patented hair parting teeth mechanism which delivers maximum laser light energy to your follicles for optimal results. The laser diodes are also placed tightly within the device to provide users with consistent and uniform delivery of laser light in the follicles during use. The lasers deliver collimated light traveling in a straight line that penetrates your scalp to reach your follicles. The lasers achieve incredible phototherapy to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth, unlike LED lights which are not collimated or focused.

The increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your scalp promotes hair growth to restore your hair’s natural growth cycle and even reverse thinning hair. When it comes to treating time, LaserBands are some of the fastest devices to use as you only need as little as 90 seconds at 3 days a week of use for a safe and effective treatment to regrow hair. LaserCombs meanwhile work in as little as 8 minutes with 3 days a week of use and Laser Caps show their effectiveness at 15 minutes of use every other day.

Using either of the 3 HairMax products increases the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), providing energy to the hair follicle. This helps increase protein synthesis, improving cell permeability. The process enhances the transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the cells for a greater flow of blood circulation to the scalp. This combination of factors removes waste such as DHT which is the main contributor to hair loss.

All the incredible and too good to be true claims by HairMax are backed by 7 clinical studies done where participants experienced up to 90% success rate with new hair growth after 6 months of consistent use. The study results on this hair growth device are also the only one in the market that’s published in 6 peer-reviewed medical journals. This is why HairMax is guaranteed to be of the highest quality with the most proof and consistent hair growth results when used.


Last on our list of laser cap products that provide effective hair growth treatment is the iGrow. Apira Science, Inc. was founded in 2004 and is a pioneer of manufacturing and distributing low-level light therapy systems to become one of the global leaders of aesthetic light-based therapies today. The iGrow utilizes a combination of red laser and LED light diodes to rejuvenate and stimulate the cellular activity of the user’s hair follicles. This process increases the natural function of growing new hair to treat hair thinning as well as hair loss. Continuous use for 4 to 6 months will result in 35-37% more hair for thicker, fuller, and more vibrant hair.

The iGrow hair growth laser system is the most affordable of the 4 laser caps. It sports a prominent set of headphones attached to the treatment system making it an interesting product as you can combine listening to your favorite music or podcasts while stimulating your hair follicles. It’s the perfect product for both men and women suffering from androgenic alopecia, receding hairline, or reactive hair loss. The laser cap remains effective across all types of hair regardless of age, the color of hair, or shape.

One of the only drawbacks you’ll notice when using the iGrow is that its fitting relies on the headphones and not on the cap. However, the headphones have easily adjustable spacing columns to maintain a one size fits all system. Buying the iGrow includes the helmet, power supply as well as charging cables, a controller for adjusting the settings, and three additional outlet adapters. Like the iRestore laser cap, iGrow encourages users to use the product for 25 minutes every other day to achieve the desired effects. Consistent use for months should show immediate improvements on your scalp but this will always be dependent on the individual experiences of each user.

The additional headphone feature of the iGrow supports any AUX compatible medium making it the perfect companion for your mobile devices, computer, laptops, or even TV use. Using the laser cap feels more like you’re using the headphones because of the comfortable feel. iGrow also provides a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for any malfunctioning unit making it one of the affordable products you can find for your hair problems.


All four laser caps we’ve reviewed have their unique pros and cons explained in the article. They guarantee results a few months after use which is why choosing the best product for you entirely depends on your preference and budget. IGrow is the most affordable among the bunch but may not be for everyone as the cap is highly specific in its design. It has built-in headphones which others may not find any use for if hair treatment is the only thing users need. iRestore meanwhile is well constructed and looks futuristic. It has a hands-free design that’s meant to give users freedom of movement. Both iRestore and iGrow need at least 25 minutes of use every other day to get the desired results.

HairMax, on the other hand, has 3 different products to choose from depending on your need. LaserCombs and LaserBands work well for targeted treatment while the Laser Caps resemble Capillus Plus and the Capillus Pro as they resemble an actual cap. The Laser Caps as well as the Capillus Plus and Pro are safe for use for 6 minutes every day to promote consistent reactivation of the hair follicles. What’s great with these 3 items is that they are stealthy in appearance so you won’t be embarrassed when using the treatment caps. Overall, there are a lot of products to choose from to address your thinning or hair loss issues and all 4 brands have great reviews. You won’t get disappointed with choosing one over the others.

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