How to Use a Rotary Shaver

How to Use a Rotary Shaver

Rotary shavers are now all the rage across the world for good reason. Not only are they highly affordable, they are extremely efficient at shaving all sorts of hair from head to toe (quite literally) and can easily weather the long years to come – with proper maintenance of course -, allowing it to live up to the oft-quoted saying: getting your money’s worth. Where there’s a rotary shaver, you can be sure to find smooth and neatly trimmed hair. But here’s the catch – rotary shavers can be a little tricky to use for first timers. They require a unique technique along with shaving cream and oil in order to prevent any needless burns and skin irritation. 

Our guide below outlines all the steps you’ll need to follow in order to get as smooth a shaving experience as possible with your rotary shaver. We’ll even go over some of the most commonly asked questions later on! 


Step 1: Preparation

Preparation is key when it comes to shaving. So in order to avoid any discomfort in terms of both your skin and your rotary shaver’s lifespan, keep the following in mind.

Before shaving, ensure that your shaver doesn’t have any nasty bits of loose hair or dirt logged between the blades. Not only will this damage your shaver’s lifespan, but it will also making the actual shaving process a lot less efficient. If it is in dire need of a clean, simply rinse it in warm water for several minutes and give it a little shake. Just don’t forget to dry it properly afterwards. In terms of you yourself, we suggest taking a nice, warm shower prior to shaving. This’ll not only clean your skin and minimize potential acne breakouts, but it’ll also moisturize and soften your hair, making it a far more pleasant experience when it comes to shaving. 


Step 2: Shaving Cream/Oil

While many advocate for dry shaves all across the internet, we strongly advise against this practice. It just doesn’t make sense to us! Adding a little shaving cream and/or oil isn’t expensive at all and the amount of protection it gives your skin really outweighs any additional cost. These products serve to form a glistening layer that not just protects the skin but also ensures that the shaver can glide across your skin as though it were smooth ice. It may not seem like much at first glance but trust us when we say it will work miracles when it comes to preventing shaving burns. These nasty occurrences happen simply because the shaver gets caught up and tangled in hair as opposed to smoothly gliding through. 

Note that it doesn’t really matter whether you opt for a cream or oil – they both perform the same function. Just experiment around a bit to find out which works best for you! Everyone’s skin is a little different from each other after all.


Step 3: The Shave

Here’s where the magic of rotary shavers come in. Because of their unique shape, they’ll adapt to the contours of just about any face with ease. Even if you don’t know what you’re really doing, you can be sure that the shaver will at least work well on its own. 

Now unlike traditional electric shavers and disposable shavers that’re designed to be used in an up-down motion, don’t ever try doing this with your rotary shaver. Instead, shave while making circular motions. You can go either clockwise or anticlockwise, it really doesn’t matter so long as you stay consistent and ensure you shave every spot thoroughly. This may feel a little awkward initially especially if it’s your first time using a rotary shaver but don’t worry – by your third shave, you’ll be a seasoned pro. 

Additionally, because rotary shavers are designed to give as close a shave as possible, don’t try adding any extra pressure as it’ll just hurt your skin. In fact, don’t use any pressure at all!  


Step 4: Aftercare

Once done, the first thing we suggest you do is give your shaver a through rinse under a tap of flowing water to get all the bits of dead skin, hair, and dirt out. This will work wonders in terms of ensuring your blades are kept as sharp and clean as possible and will make for an easier cleaning experience next time round. After you’ve tended to your shaver, tend to yourself! Apply some post-shave lotion to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized as this will help greatly in preventing those annoying post-shave burns. 


How long can a rotary shaver last?

Assuming you’ve purchased a decent quality rotary shaver and that you did not opt for the cheapest option possible (which we maintain is a huge red flag when it comes to products that involve using powerful razors on your face), you can expect your device to last for roughly 5 years. Of course, this depends also on how often you shave and whether you properly maintain your shaver. For instance, we’ve seem some rotary shavers hit the 10 year mark with proper care and some just fell apart entirely after a few months due to poor care. 


Are rotary shavers better than the rest?

If we’re comparing rotary shavers against disposable shavers and typical foil shavers, the answer is it depends entirely on what you’re looking for. Rotary shavers are far more efficient and straightforward to use and it really just makes shaving all round a far more straightforward process.

However, where they often lose out is when it comes to making extremely close cuts. Because of the design of rotary shavers, you won’t be making as close a cut as you might with other alternative shavers. This really isn’t a dealbreaker by far but if you think this is something important for you, consider this point before making any purchases in order to avoid disappointment! 

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