How To Use a Foil Shaver

How To Use a Foil Shaver

Shaving can sometimes be a confusing affair. Sure, on one hand all you really need is the shaver itself along with a mirror and some facial (or body) hair in dire need of a shave. But throw in the vast variety of shavers out there – e.g. rotary shavers, cartridge razors, disposable razors, to name a few – and things can get confusing quickly. Now don’t worry, one of the most popular options out there thanks to its simplicity is the foil shaver. In our little guide below, we’ve broken down all the steps you’ll need to take when using one.

The good news is that using a foil shaver couldn’t be a simpler affair. All you really have to do is draw straight lines with the shaver but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet! 


Step 1 – Preparation

Before shaving, make sure you actually are in need of a shave. Look for any signs of stubble – even a little is fine but if you’re dealing with just a strand or two, consider just plucking.

Once ready, we suggest you apply some form of pre-shave (i.e. shaving oil) on your face. These aren’t always needed as a foil shaver can still do its job with as a dry shaver, but we think products like this is a must if you’re interested in taking care of your facial skin. Products like shaving oil actually helps the foil shaver in the shaving process by allowing for smoother movements while keeping any shaving burns to a bare minimum. 

Next, you can apply some shaving cream onto your face until it forms a light lather on places you intend to shave. We suggest using a couple pea-sized drops as you would make with toothpaste. This will ensure that any cuts and burns are kept away from your shaving experience. Again, much like shaving oil, this isn’t a must by any means so don’t feel pressured to make any unaffordable extra purchases if you’re in a pinch.


Step 2 – The Shaving

Now, once ready for the shaving remember one thing: a foil shaver is designed to make confident, straight strokes. There’s absolutely no need to make any circular movements as you would with say, a rotary shaver. We suggest you begin shaving in the more sensitive areas of your face and then working your way towards other less sensitive parts. 

Firmly grip the shaver, press it gently onto the skin so as to maximise skin contact, and proceed to make confident but slow strokes in the shape of a line. Feel free to go either left to right, or up to down so long as you’re doing it in horizontal/vertical lines. It doesn’t matter whether you go with the grain or against it here so don’t stress about that. 

You can also use your free hand to help grip and stretch your skin so as to make the shaving a smoother experience too (this will really help you get those annoying, hidden hairs as well). 


Step 3 – The Aftercare

After you’ve finished shaving, get ready for some much-needed aftercare. Of course, much like step one, this isn’t a must-do step. It’s just something we’d suggest doing to ensure your skin and shaver gets the best possible treatment.

Rinse your skin with cold water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Once done, use a little bit of shaving balm or moisturiser to provide some hydration to your skin (shaving tends to dry skin out). Any standard aftershave should do but we suggest avoiding products that contain alcohol as it will dry your skin further. 

Don’t forget to care for your shaver too though! Thankfully, maintaining a foil shaver is as easy as a walk in the park. Just rinse the head thoroughly with some running water to get out all the dirty, grimy bits out. Feel free to remove the mesh-head too if your shaver allows for that. After you’re sure you’ve cleaned your shaver as best as you can, reattach the mesh top and simply leave it to dry out in the air for several hours or until your next shaving session. 


What are the advantages of using a foil shaver?

Simply put, foil shavers are extremely intuitive to use. This makes them a great pick for those newer to shaving to those who have just started sprouting facial hair (e.g. teens). Foil shavers also provide really close shaves on just any hair type and keeps skin irritation and burns at a bare minimum as your skin (thanks to the foil head) never once makes direct contact with the actual blade. 

Foil shavers are pretty powerful too – operating at an average of 14000 cycles per minute, shaving with a foil shaver usually tends to be a quick experience. Because of this, we’d go as far as to say that a foil shaver would be ideal for those who find themselves in need of a shave on a daily basis.


Are there any disadvantages to a foil shaver?

The major drawback is how you’re restricted to making only straight lines when shaving. Circular motions are far more flexible as they can better adapt to just about any facial struggle so some men might find using a foil shaver a little difficult depending on their face’s shape. Again, they’re usually the exception to the norm so don’t worry too much about this. We suggest you get a foil shaver for yourself first though before making any hasty judgements! 


How long will my foil shaver last?

Foil shavers don’t last forever. Worse yet, though you may be able to replace the batteries and foil head itself on some models, it’s impossible to replace the actual blade. Essentially, every use is a use that’ll permanently dull the shaver. Because of this, expect to replace your shaver every year at least. Absolutely do not try to skimp out on this as a dull blade is a dangerous blade! 

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