How Often Should You Replace an Electric Razor?

How Often Should You Replace an Electric Razor?

If you are one of those men who have turned to an electric shaver, you have undoubtedly already noticed the benefits of it.

The ease of being able to shave on the move, grab the razor, and flip the switch every time to make a quick and even shave is appreciated by every single user. There is another aspect that makes users quite excited to get such a product, which is the ability to save money. Many people may wonder where the trouble lies, giving the fact that these devices come with all the benefits and explanations. The response is that there is almost no issue since such a device is easy to use, extremely efficient and generally durable.

What should you know about the use of electric shavers?

In comparison to mechanical razors, which require that you switch razor heads every 3 or 4 shaves and thereby store an excessive quantity of razors that are sent to the garbage and lengthy journeys to the hygiene, electric shavers can sustain a long service life. This is due to the fact that electric shavers are made of materials such as stainless steel and heavier, more robust materials that allow them to withstand high amounts of uses and abuses before they have to be repaired or maintained by professionals.

How often should you replace an electric razor?

Some wonder when is the right time to replace the electric razor’s head. It is often surprising to users to answer this question because the head needs to be replaced only every 6-8 months or as the quality of the screen starts to decline. With time and use, the head starts building up small imperfections and bits of rust and dust. Though a lot of the waste from rashing is quickly washed away, smaller pieces start adding up over time and make it harder for the blades to move through hair and water droplets. See for a new head after several months of use once you notice some irregular spots when you shave or just a batch of hair above the head.

The other problem that needs to be addressed on an electric product such as this one is the main component, the actual edge. Unlike ordinary shavers that have a thin and fragile construction and only to resist a use or two, they are able to deliver a better cut due to their protective case on the screen. Consumers will, therefore, enjoy months and years of grooming without any complaints or worries. If you still use the same electric shaver after almost 6 months, it may be time to consider actually removing the head or blade to freshen the edge and shave it even cleaner.

Generally speaking, the comfort that an electric shaver offers is insurmountable and highly appreciated on a daily basis. Shaving in the bathroom or in the house, saving time behind the sink and checking you don’t do unnecessary cuts or provoke injuries, it becomes the perfect way of saving time, money and effort. A shaver’s ability to stay intact and prove its durability in time is a huge bonus Let your fading traditional razors go once for all and adopt a more optimal device, the electric one.

What needs to be replaced on an electric razor?

When saying that you need to replace your razor, it doesn’t mean that you must replace the whole device. You should not just throw it away and buy a new one. These devices are usually durable and will last for years. However, there are components that are consumables and require changing from time to time. Regarding the duration, please be reminded that manufacturers give indications regarding a product’s life span as a general guideline. This doesn’t mean that an electric razor or its components cannot last longer than that.

Do you still remember the smoothness and comfort offered by your electric shaver when you first bought it? But when blades and foils start to wear and tear, it means that the time has come for them to be replaced by new blades.  If you think that an electric shaving device is similar to a knife that can be sharpened whenever it feels blunt, then you should think twice. Unfortunately, you have no other choice but to substitute the new blades.

The vibration induces energy and creative tension for the material, contributing to constant distortion. You surely know that it is very dangerous and can potentially hurt your skin if the blades aren’t sharp enough.  Every single man has experienced that unpleasant sensation at least once. Another question that most users ask refers to the factors that influence the lifetime of an electric shaver.

The first thing to take into consideration is the material that the device is made of and its quality. Second, have a look at the blades and foils and see if they are made of high-quality metal. The market offers shavers with different functions and durability. Generally, though, it is recommended that the cutter head should be switched, depending on your use, at least every 12 months to 18 months. For 3-5 years or more you could use a product that operates on batteries. It is worth highlighting, with the risk of repeating the same advice, that the durability of the shaver you buy will depend on the frequency of use, your type of beard and the quality of the device itself.

How can you extend the life of your electric shaver?

The most crucial habit to develop when owning an electric shaver is to lubricate the blades, but many tend to ignore or forget it. You know it is essential to reduce wear and tear, as well as heat by lubricating your device with light oil or spray?

Ok, spraying or applying light oil allows the friction between moving metal components to decrease. It is unusually easy to follow and lets you with a smooth blade, which is always as sharp as it should be. Besides overused blades or foil, the fact that hair and dead skin cells get often stuck at the surface of the blade, has a major impact over the performance of the device. Make sure to clean it and lubricate it using a lightweight oil especially created for this purpose. Washing your razor carefully with hot water and liquid soap after every use is essential, too.

Mechanical shocks can easily damage the foils. That is why you have to safeguard them from harmful objects, or brush them to until they are clean.

Be mindful that the foils are very delicate, so do not wash it directly with the brush used. Also, always remember to cover yit when you storing it in your travel bag, using the hard case or protection cap.

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