How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

How Often Should You Dye Your Beard?

A gray beard poses many obstacles to a sportsman, especially a sportsman who needs to still be seen as an ambitious young man. This doesn’t mean that as you age, you are not seen as strong and dynamic anymore but there are a few prejudices around this topic. These days, more and more men start growing grey beard hairs from young ages, which may be confusing for people around them.

If a man’s facial hair is still slowly graying, the first tendency is to either cut it off or dye it. Most men do not really know how to dye their beards. For example, if the graying of your beard hair is less than 20% it would be good to only dye it using temporary products. This is a good example of things that men do not know about beard dying.

The entire process depends on the reason why one would like to dye the beard hair in the first place. Some people just want to hide the gray hair, but for others, it would have to match the color of the head hair. Therefore, there are quite a few things to consider when making a dying plan for your beard.

How to choose the right color for your beard?

You have to go for a shade darker than your beard’s original color. For example, if your beard is dark brown, you have to pick a medium brown tone to dye it with, as this will be subtle and adequate to help cover gray hair. But if you have a coloring that is just as black as the darkest skin on your face, it will make you look really artificial.

To those who have skin that is only black by nature, you should also choose the dark brown shade, because it is only really unnatural if you dye your facial hair black. If you are a blonde, then choose the dark blond tone rather than lighter shades. If you find it difficult to choose two colours, light and dark blonds, choose the light blonde one, but if it is too bright for you then use the darker color.

Until carrying out your hair coloring operation, you always have to do a patch test, which means that you need to add a small quantity of the dye on your elbow for 15 minutes, after which you can rinse it off. After rinsing it, you must observe the skin and see if there are any irritations or anomalies on your skin. If that is not the case, you are good yo go.

How to use dying products for your beard?

When you choose a hue, it is smarted to go for two tones of color which are darker than your beard’s original color than for a tone that seems identical to your natural color. Long-lasting dyes are mainly for the hairs of the head, which is precisely why you must ensure that the dye you choose for your beard when you use permanent dyeing is lighter.

To obtain a pleasant beard color, the tone of the dye must be light brown, but if you have a reddish beard, you can try chocolate hazelnut, also avoid the loss of cosmetics which have a tag known as’ high lifting,’ because they can lighten your skin, and sometimes it makes your results difficult to predict.

Most beard products for dying are given with a base developer container and a color tube. When combining the two, the solution thickens. The products should be combined in a clean tray with a brush specially designed for this purpose. The bristle side of the brush should not be used to be blended, because the bent bristle makes it more difficult to position the paint on your beard. Remember to blend only beard paint that is sufficient to cover once.

It should be applied with a comb, allowing it to work quickly from hard to soft hair to the maximum of its natural effect. When you can’t get the right brush for the applicator, you can also use a toothbrush. Do not let the die on your beard for the same time that the instructions say you should leave it in case of head hair. Therefore, it is not necessary to keep the dye for 20-40 minutes. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then rinse it thoroughly until the perfect color has been obtained.

How often should you dye your beard?

Semi-permanent colors tend to fade with time, so your beard color only lasts for two to three weeks before another treatment may be needed, but if you are wise enough to wear a barbed color shampoo, your beard color will be extended for a longer life span. If not, after two or three weeks you have to reapply it.

It is best that you give it another try as soon as you find the gray beard appearing to the surface. You should not hesitate long as gray hair emerges even before two weeks. If you want to have a fresh look every single day, then you should make it a habit to apply semi-permanent dye every 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly the beard grows.

Read the instructions that can be found in the product’s box. Most suppliers include sufficient information on the number of times you can reapply the dye, so that you obtain the best results, but also keep the beard healthy. If you see a little gray hair, it would be best if you only color that particular gray hair just a bit, and consider applying the dye before 2 weeks only if the gray hair has spread over the whole beard.

Mascara can also be used to mask grey hair temporarily, this being a product well-known for its soft look, as well as its very natural beauty. You can choose to use a semi-permanent color if you intend to change the color often. If you dye it again, it’s crucial that you don’t wait for the beard to reach its complete natural color again.

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