Refine your life by shaving with a Safety Razor

Welcome to refined shave!

If you have an interest or passion in the art of shaving with a safety razor, then you are at the right place.

The flagship area of interest for this website will be exploring Razor Blade Sharpness Testing, you can see how it works and the data here. There will be many interesting tests to see the sharpness values of different blades, durability of blades themselves, and other comparisons.  Be sure to check back often as new information will be updated frequently.

As exciting as Razor Blade Sharpness Testing is, it would be a less exciting if we used the same products along the way!  Make sure to check out the reviews section for feedback on different Shaving Creams & Soaps, Shaving Brushes, Aftershaves and more.

Check out more Reviews or look into Razor Blade Sharpness Testing!

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