Flowbee vs Robocut Haircutting System

Flowbee vs Robocut Haircutting System

The ongoing pandemic has caused a strange shift in consumer spending over the years. This will certainly continue into the future as going outside to pamper yourself has become increasingly unsafe. Spikes of infections haven’t stopped completely which is why people are looking for DIY tools for use at home. Being at home doesn’t mean skipping out on grooming. Distance learning and work from home usually require video conferencing so looking your best is still important.

Due to this, a number of self-haircutting systems such as Flowbee and Robocut have enjoyed a surge in popularity even though they’ve been around for decades. In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Flowbee and Robocut to see which of the two competitors works best for you and the family so, read on!

Flowbee Self-Haircutting System

Flowbee Haircutting System

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The inventor of Flowbee Rick Hunts advertises his product as a precision haircutting system to collect hair as you cut. It has a vacuum hose with an adapter that’s universally compatible to clean up hair, making cleaning up a breeze as you groom yourself and your loved ones in the comforts of your own home. The hose was designed to fit standard vacuum cleaners. However, the performance of the hair cutter is directly related to the total horsepower of the vacuum. It’s recommended to use the Flowbee on vacuums with at least 3 HP to ensure the hairs will get sucked through the blades.

Flowbee haircutting systems are a great product for people with sensitive skin because the blades do not touch the skin. There are spacer attachments that work like guards on the clipper to extend the space between your hair and the blades while using the device. The spacers are as close as ½ inch to 6” depending on how long the hair you’re going to cut. You’ll be able to do various cuts like short-layered, tapered, wedged, or single-length cuts. Looking at the device right out the box might confuse first-time users but the Flowbee is surprisingly very easy to set up and use. It retains the old-school packaging even today which gives it a cool retro vibe. Inside the box are the Flowbee, hose, vacuum adapter, ten plastic spacers, blade oil, and the power cord.

Setting the Flowbee will only take a couple of minutes before it’s ready for use. There’s also a helpful manual on how to use the device and a lot of how-to videos online for suggested positioning techniques. It works best for straight hair types but it may not be recommended for curly or thicker hair as this type of hair is more than the Flowbee can handle. Once it’s time to use the Flowbee, you’ll notice that it’ll pull the hairs off with the help of the vacuum and cut it.

If you have pets at home, it’s a good thing to note that the Flowbee also works for your canine or feline friends. Although it’s sold separately, there’s an attachment specifically for pet hair that grooms their hair with ease. It has the same drawback stated earlier as thick or curly hair will prove to be difficult for the Flowbee so while it’s perfect for your Golden Retriever, it may not work as well if you own a poodle.

A lot of owners attest to its durability and longevity that it’s possible to own the exact same product even after a decade. Maintaining the blades is easy as you only need to oil them every now and then but be sure to buy new blades annually as you can’t clean or sharpen the blades manually. The Flowbee is definitely a great buy during the current pandemic as you’ll save thousands of dollars from a trip to the barber or salon. It also puts your worries at ease as you’ll be able to groom the household in the comfort of your own home.

Robocut Self-Haircutting System

Robocut Inc. Model-R3C Automatic Vacuum Haircutter, Red

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Not only is Flowbee riding the surge of popularity and demand, but Robocut is also selling like hotcakes today as it’s one of the best performing self-haircutting systems available in the market due to the ongoing pandemic. It offers the same benefits just like other self-hair cutting systems today and is cheaper and more versatile than others. Like the Flowbee, the Robocut is extremely user-friendly and is perfectly compatible across all types of hairs like straight, thick, frizzy, and even curly hair. It’s also compatible with any kind of vacuum cleaner due to its included attachment or you can get a dedicated vacuum sold by Robocut.

It was invented by a Romanian immigrant named Alfred Natrasevschi in 1984 who tinkered in his spare time at Hewlett Packard to create the Robocut. The product is actually older than Flowbee by a couple of years but it didn’t reach a wide audience when it first came out. A number of factors like having a name that isn’t catchy, the device resembling a hairdryer, or the public that simply isn’t ready for two self-hair cutting systems being sold at the same time are some of the reasons, to name a few. Despite all of the hardships, Robocut has stood the test of time and is one of the easiest self-hair cutting devices to use for your family and pets even for first-time users.

Robocut comes in a clean packaging and includes the product itself, hose, vacuum adapters, six plastic spacers ranging from ¼ inch up to 24”, blade oil, and a power cord. The device is very compact and has an ergonomic design making it easy to carry when traveling and store when not in use. Using the haircutter is quieter than the Flowbee due to having a lighter chassis. The blades are laser-etched and don’t require any lubrication during use. The suction hose fits easily to any vacuum cleaner which cuts and cleans the hair effortlessly without making any mess making it ideal for at-home use.

What makes this a great buy for people looking for a self-haircutting system is its 2-year unconditional warranty during purchase. The manufacturer is highly responsive to customer queries and will happily replace any defective parts within 2 years without questions asked. The maintenance is easy and the blades are removable for sharpening or routine replacement adding to the overall longevity of the product. One of the only drawbacks you’ll find with the Robocut is the adapter is sold separately so fitting it can be quite troublesome on standard vacuum cleaners.

Overall, the Robocut delivers owners with a flawless and enjoyable cutting experience even as you use it for the first time. It requires zero clean-up after a haircut. You won’t even need to take a shower after the haircut, unlike the usual trip to the barber or salon which always makes you feel itchy afterward. The form factor of the Robocut looks like a gimmick for some at first but you’ll be surprised how perfect the haircutting experience is every time.

What are the similar or different features between Flowbee and Robocut?

Vacuum – Flowbee and Robocut require a vacuum to operate the system. Your vacuum cleaner is recommended to have a minimum of 3 HP to easily suck hair through the cutting blades into the vacuum bag. It’s easier if you already have a vacuum cleaner at home as all you need is an adapter if it doesn’t fit at first. Otherwise, Robocut sells its own vacuums while Flowbee can be attached to almost any kind of vacuum cleaners.

Blades – The Flowbee and Robocut blades are maintainable but they will still lose their edge over time. It’s recommended to use blade oil to extend the life of the cutting parts. Some owners say they haven’t replaced their blades in years but a replacement every 6 months or a year is ideal to maintain the sharpness and quality of haircuts

Noise – Attaching these self-haircutting systems to a vacuum cleaner means you’ll have to contend with the noise of the vacuum itself as well as the sound of the device’s motor and the cutting blades. All of these sounds combined make it a problem to run at night especially when children are sleeping or you have pets in the house as they’ll easily get spooked. As much as possible, use the Flowbee or Robocut during the day as both products are loud.

Compatibility Across Hair Types – One of the advantages Robocut has over Flowbee is its ability to cut across any hair type. It works well if you have straight, silky, thick, or even curly hair. Robocut achieves this feat as it uses precision dial and laser blades to cut any hair type with ease and in various lengths up to 24”. Robocut even works really well for grooming pet hair.

While Flowbee can groom your pet’s hair, it’s generally not recommended as it will only work well for pets with straight hair such as a Golden Retriever and the like. Using Flowbee is more appropriate for people with straight hair as it will be difficult to cut thick and curly hairs with this product. The two products are suitable for both men, women, and children. It’s really easy to use so first-time users should have a problem with using either device. The only thing you should take note of is if it’s compatible with you and your family’s hair type.

What Sets These 2 Self-Hair Cutting Systems Apart?

The Robocut is easier to carry than the Flowbee when traveling due to its compact design. Robocut is very travel-friendly making it the ideal self-haircutting system for people that’s always on the go. The Flowbee meanwhile has a universal hose adapter making it compatible for use with almost any vacuum cleaners. The Robocut has limited options as it does not have a universal adapter but the manufacturer sells their own vacuum to deal with this issue.

Both of the self-haircutting systems are not recommended to use while your hair is wet so it’s best to dry it out before using the device. This is because the blades aren’t made of stainless steel and will develop rust if exposed to water. The Flowbee and the Robocut are also really difficult to clean so using them for wet hair will do more harm than good.

In terms of price, the Robocut is more affordable than Flowbee making it an appealing choice for first-time users. The Robocut comes in a blue color scheme and should cost you $99.00 on their official website. Flowbee meanwhile is priced around $114.90 on their official website so if budget is not an issue then it’s also a great choice for the family.


Both self-hair cutting systems have advantages and disadvantages in their own right. The Robocut and the Flowbee are enjoying a surge in popularity today as people choose to groom themselves at home instead of going out due to the ongoing pandemic. Both devices are self-cleaning making cleaning up at home really easy as it’s sure to not leave any unwanted hair on the floors unlike the conventional cutting of scissors in the barbershop or the salon. They’re basically the 2 best options for self-hair cutting systems and have been so for more than a few decades since their release in the ’80s.

While both are very easy to use, the Flowbee has a slight advantage and is better designed for people who cut their own hair. It has a showerhead style which allows you to reach the back of your head without problems. For people with longer hair meanwhile, the Robocut is more advisable as it has a lot of spacers for longer hair. The Robocut also works really well for people with thick hair too. If you own a pet, then the Robocut works just fine as it doesn’t need any comb attachment to cut your pet’s hair.

Choosing between the two is entirely dependent on your budget and preference. Flowbee and Robocut are highly durable and well-built which means you’re more likely to own a single device for a decade. Once you have your own self-haircutting system, you’ll definitely save money in the long run as you’ll be cutting the trip from the barbershop or salon.


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