Feather Razor Blade Review

Feather Razor Blade Review

Feather razor blades are regarded in the shaving community as the sharpest blade around. Feather has a huge following of people that insist they are the best.

When I started shaving with a safety razor I did not have the best technique. None the less, I was eager to try the Feather as it was “the sharpest” and therefore “the best”. (Note that sharper does not actually mean better and that smoothness is a huge factor that is subjective to each shaver).

It did not go very well, but this was certainly my technique and not the blade. For that reason, these initial experiences have no bearing on my review of the blade.

After learning how to properly shave and consistently getting amazing shaves with other blades, it was time to return to the legendary Feather.

200 Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge
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Fresh out of the pack the sharpness measured 32. For information on what this means check out Razor Blade Sharpness Testing. This is extremely sharp. You can click this link to see a Razor Blade Sharpness Comparison Chart with the other blades tested so far.

The first shave I had with this blade was nothing like my previous experiences – it was amazing. The blade was extremely smooth and very sharp. I had an excellent 3 pass shave and no irritation. Round one receives top marks.

After the first shave, the sharpness dropped to 40. That is a pretty decent drop overall considering now we are getting into the “regular” blade territory for sharpness. The second shave was not as smooth as the first one, but it was still a great shave. I did personally notice near the end that it was not nearly as smooth as the first shave.

Note that I shave my head as well as my face and have a pretty thick growth – except for the top op my head. This means that one of my shaves might equal two of someone that just shaves their face, or even more if they have a thinner beard.

After the second shave the sharpness measured at 40 again. There was no loss in edge sharpness from shave 1 to 2.

While the Feather does measure extremely sharp right out of the package, after one shave it is only marginally sharper than other blades. It is up to you if the increased price for the one great shave is worth it. I would consider the blade smooth, but for the price of razor blades in general I would not want to go for a round 3 with the Feather due to the loss in smoothness by the end of the second shave.

Initial Sharpness = 32
Average Sharpness = 37
Edge Retention = 1.25
Smoothness = 4/5

Overall Subjective Rating = 4/5

Stainless Steel. Made in Japan.

Feather Razor Blade

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I like the Feather razor blade and would recommend it, however I really only loved the first shaveย and it is at the top end for the price of blades. Based on this I will certainly order more and use them occasionally, but they will not be my go to blade. I also would not recommend this blade if you are just starting out, I would wait until you are comfortable using a safety razor in general before trying a Feather.

Check out more Razor Blade Reviews or look into how the Razor Blade Sharpness Testing works.

Have you tried Feather Razor Blades? Be sure to leave your overall rating, the community appreciates your vote!

200 Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge
  • 20 Packs of 10 blades
  • Extremely Sharp, Smooth and Comfortable
  • Highest quality Japanese blades made to fit different double edge safety razors
  • Hi-Stainless Platinum Coated Blades
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4 thoughts on “Feather Razor Blade Review

  1. This is good stuff! I’ve looked at several of your reviews and they seem to align very well with what we have previously observed and theorized but I readily admit that we have never even approached the scope and the depth of the subject as you have. I hope that wet shavers everywhere are paying attention to what you are publishing here because it removes a very significant amount of mystery from the subject. Out with marketing and anecdotal evidence and in with science! Great job!

  2. I agree the Mike B. Your (Refinedshave.com) time and effort to bring us a more scientific basis on blades is VERY VERY much appreciated by a lot of us, I would imagine !

    I’m new to DE shaving and have read & watched so many reviews regarding the art of shaving before jumping in.

    I have been creating a chart of how my chosen blades work with or without pre shave, Soap v Cream & post shave ointments.
    There are small differences between ‘with and without’ lotions, but the quality of the lather and the blade, are by far the most important of these areas.
    By finding at least the best blade for YOUR skin & bristles – you are well on the way to finding the best pre shave method / lotion.

    You may well discover that post shave lotions to cool etc, are simply not need.

    Merry Xmas & enjoy a Happy New Year full of shaving ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m still a long way off from completing my tests and at the end of the day its only relative to my skin and bristles?

  3. Okay – just finally completed my shaving runs using these Platinum coated Feather blades.
    With respect to the overwhelming majority who love this blade – well, I guess my skin and bristles are just different to everyone else’s.
    we are clearly not the same, so much so, given the high ratings for this blade that I must now consider myself a possible ET alien ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Frankly, my skin and bristles HATE these blades.
    From my recorded notes: 1st shave, Excellent butt smooth but some bad nicks. scored 8.75
    The 1st shave was the sharpest, the 2nd & 3rd shave held a 9, but 4th shave proved difficult to remove the stubble so an 8.5 score.
    Blade was retired due to assumed bluntness. On a positive – No burn or irritation was recorded on any shave.

    I also noted that pre shave aspect, regardless of using or not, warm water / hot flannel or pre shave lotion did not show any improvement in end result !!
    The Super stainless version was worse – see my review under Feather Super stainless please.

  4. Apologies all – I have just noted that the packet show here is for the Super stainless ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here goes:
    1st shave scoring is 8.5 out of 10.
    Using hot flannel with as always pre shave agitation of bristles to raise them out of follicles.
    Butt smooth with super stainless but with many nicks again.
    2nd shave reached a score of 7.5 which is not so good. No Butt smoothness despite repeated passes in 3 directions.
    Some medium razor burn resulted.
    The 3rd attempt to shave the following day was a disaster. Scoring 2. My lowest recorded score for any blade by a long way.
    Multiple nicks to chine and upper lip area. Easily shaven areas around the cheek area still full of bristle.
    Clearly the blade is now totally blunt, and the whole batch has been safely binned.

    My opinion is that although I could argue that these blades may be counterfeit?? they were bough from a top UK supplier / manufacturer whose reputation is outstanding, and I simply cant see them falling for dodgy blades.

    As previously mentioned: my face & bristles have discovered a blade that they hate, but which also appears to give great service to everyone else.
    I guess we really have got different skin / bristle combinations and this has been said many times before and THE BIG REASON why we should all try as many blades as possible until we get the perfect match made in heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy shaving and experimenting to all

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