Can You Shave Your Head With an Electric Razor?

Can You Shave Your Head With an Electric Razor?

If you’re confident in rocking the bald look, you might have found yourself at a little impasse when it comes to the actual shaving. Do you go to a hair stylist? Do you even need a hair stylist for something so simple? Now you might think of doing it all by yourself with your trusty electric razor and you should know that this is perfectly fine. It’s safe, you’ll safe a buck, and it might be the best option for you given the current pandemic landscape. That being said, we don’t recommend shaving before you’ve read our little article below.

The good news is electric razors are perfect for shaving heads so yes, you can shave your head with an electric razor. They’re easy to use, powerful, and really safe so even under the hands of a novice. That being said, you still have to get some things right – such as the preparation, the shaving technique, and the post-shave care. 


Step 1. Preparation is key

Now regardless of whether you’re going to opt for a wet or dry shave, you have to prepare your head to ensure an easy shaving experience. Before the actual shaving begins, ensure your head is properly washed and is as dirt-free as possible. Grit and the like will make shaving all the more difficult. Once done, we’d suggest grabbing a pair of scissors and that you trim your hair to ensure they do not measure out longer than a few millimeters. We suggest this because though shavers are powerful, they still can get clogged up when dealing with overly lengthy hair – aim for roughly half a millimeter! 

After you’ve finished, feel free to reach for your shaver. We personally suggest you use a rotary electric shaver over anything else. Why? Simply because of its design – it’s highly adaptable to pretty much all contours of any head and may be the easiest type of razor to use for both experts and beginners alike.


Step 2. The actual shaving

Just before you start shaving away, make sure you’re in a room with a big enough mirror, adequate lighting (either natural or artificial), and have your electric razor fully charged and/or plugged in. 

Once ready, get shaving! Avoid shaving your head in a singular, straight line initially. Because of how the rotary razor is designed, you should be making circular movements which will also ensure that you’re shaving as efficiently as possible. Moreover, it doesn’t really matter whether you go clockwise or anticlockwise so long as you play around with both. Regardless, after the bulk of your hair is done away with, feel free to make more traditional, linear, up-and-down movements. Sure, rotary razors are designed to be used with circular motions but trust us on this. You absolutely will have an annoying patch or two that can only be shaved with a confident, straight stroke. 

Now while shaving, remember that you’re somewhat of a chef using a chef’s knife. This point is this: let the tools do the heavy work. Don’t use excessive force or pressure when shaving, the shaver should be more than capable of doing its job with minimal effort. It’s just the way rotary shavers are designed! 


Step 3. Aftercare

After you’ve shaved your now groomed head, do a final check with a portable mirror or your phone’s selfie camera to make sure there aren’t any patches left. Immediately wash your entire scalp with cold water, dry it properly, and immediately apply some aftershave or moisturizer. This will minimize any dryness or burns.

Don’t just deal with the needs of your body through. Your shaver needs some love too! Hair, lather, gel, cream, all of that stuff will accumulate in every crevice of your shaver, clogging things up. If left unaddressed, this will not just make the shaver unusable, but can cause damage to the blades in the long-run. We strongly suggest you give your razor a very throughout cleaning/wipe-down immediately after. 


What are some perks of shaving my head?

A well-shaved head offers surprising benefits for all kinds of individuals. Firstly, maybe you’ve started to notice the drawbacks of aging in the form of a receding or thinning hair – shaving it lets you get rid of the problem instantly in a way.

Beyond this, on matters of convenience, you’ll be able to save both money and time. A shaved head also means you can shave off (no pun intended) the money you’d normally spend on those expensive hair stylists and also shaves time off your busy schedule – no need to spend hours in front of the mirror waxing and combing your hair now! Heck, you might even find that the shaved look suits your overall aesthetic which could even boost your self-confidence greatly. Just give it a try, what’s the worse that could happen? It’ll all grow back eventually!


Are there any negatives to shaving my head?

There are as many negatives as many as there are benefits. But if we’re honest, nothing is too terrible here so long as you exercise common sense and take proper care of your head. Regardless, here’s three things to be on the lookout for.

Maintenance: Depending on your preferences, you may have to shave either more frequently or less. If you like the pure bald look, expect to be shaving almost daily as stubble tends to grow within hours. Conversely, if you like a little short growth then feel free to adjust the frequency accordingly.

Irritation: Shaving a head can lead to little cuts, bruises, and even dry scalps. Unfortunately, there’s no going around this entirely. You can minimize the problems by simply using appropriate moisturizer frequently and liberally.

Ingrown Hair: These little strands cause more trouble then they’re worth in the form of inflammation. Not everyone will experience this though – if you have straight hair, you should be fine but those with curlier hair may suffer here. The good news is that using an electric razor tends to minimize the incidence of this happening to you!

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