Black Ship Grooming Co. Thomas Tew Shaving Soap

Black Ship Grooming Co. Thomas Tew Shaving Soap

I made a post on one of the shaving forums looking for some more products that give the intense sensations like cooling or burning. Black Ship Grooming Co. Thomas Tew was mentioned that it might as well be straight alcohol, so I tracked it down! I figured I should probably buy the soap as well and give the complete line a try.

Black Ship Grooming Co. Grace O'Malley Shave Soap
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes in plastic jar
  • Hand made artisan soap

The container looks pretty cool, certainly good enough to include on the exposed soap shelf in the bathroom. It does not have that “luxury look” but they are clearly not going for that.

It smells great, very citrusy. The claim is blood orange, lemon, amber and sandalwood. I get the first 3 but didn’t really pick up on the sandalwood. The smell is very summery and would be nice on a hot day.

The soap itself seems to be one of these hybrids. It is not a hard soap, and it almost looks like a cross between a shaving cream and a shaving soap. If you’ve ever tried Elvado shaving cream it looks like that, which I found to be a very hard cream.

I chose to face lather with a boar brush and it did work well. It loaded very easily and went on how I’d like. I added some water and was able to get a slick application.

It seemed to be a relatively thirsty soap, and it did not leave really any residual slickness behind. I tend to go over again between lather applications (if I notice a quick pick up) and I would be very careful doing that with this soap. My skin tended to dry right after a pass so I thought I needed more water. I tried the soap a week later for a second time and took this into account. It did help a bit, but also be careful adding too much water as it will thin out.

For the first shave I used an Edwin Jagger DE86 and it felt great on my sensitive skin. The second shave I used a Merkur 37C (Slant) which is much more aggressive and it did not feel as good. The protection of the lather was decent but I will stick to a less aggressive razor when using this soap.

The price is reasonable and the packaging is cool. I would recommend the Thomas Tew if it is in your budget.

Lather = 4/5
Slickness = 3/5
Scent = 4/5

Subjective Overall Rating = 4/5

Black Ship Grooming Co. Grace O'Malley Shave Soap

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Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance & Essential Oils.

Made in Beaver PA.

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