BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade Review

BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade Review

The BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade is one DE blade that I have been waiting to test since I started this project.

BIC is a very popular brand, so much that it has been able to become a verb in relation to shaving one’s head. The term “BIC it” is even on Urban Dictionary and I think most people would know what is meant by the term BIC your head.

There seem to be lots Russian, German and Indian blades, but the BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blades are made in Greece.

Bic Chrome Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades - 30 Ct by BIC BLADES
  • 30 Double Edge Safety Razor Blades
  • Made By Bic
  • Stainless Steel

Fresh out of the pack the sharpness measured 40. This is really sharp out of the package and I was even more excited to give it a try. The average sharpness to date is around 45, with readings ranging from 32 to 53 (Note Feather is 32 and the next sharpest is 39).

For information on what this means check out Razor Blade Sharpness Testing. You can click this link to see a Razor Blade Sharpness Comparison Chart with the other blades tested so far.

Note that I shave my head as well as my face and have a pretty thick growth – except for the top of my head. This means that one of my shaves might equal two of someone that just shaves their face, or even more if they have a thinner beard.

The first shave with the BIC Chrome Platinum was fantastic. As usual I did my 3 pass head then 3 pass face shave and had no nicks, cuts or irritation. It was very smooth and was very impressed with the first shave.

After the first shave, the sharpness increased to 33. This makes the BIC one of the sharpest blades out of the package as well as one of the sharper blades after the first shave.

The second shave was also great, and noticeably sharp after the second shave. I would be comfortable using the BIC Chrome Platinum for a third full head and face shave.

After the second shave the sharpness increased again to 32, which for all intents and purposes is the same as after the second shave at 33. What is interesting here is that to date, only 5 other razor blades have measured 35 or sharper after the first shave. In all 5 cases the razor blades came in less sharp after the second shave, where the BIC Chrome Platinum was even able to increase a point.

Initial Sharpness = 40
Average Sharpness = 35
Edge Retention = 0.80
Smoothness = 5/5

Overall Subjective Rating = 5/5

Chrome Platinum Coating. Made in Greece.

BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade

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I enjoyed using the BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade, and was happy after all these years I finally got to “BIC my head”. While Feather still holds the title of sharpest DE Razor Blade out of the package, the BIC Chrome Platinum at the time of testing is the sharpest blade based on average sharpness.

It’s up to you whether you think the sharpest razor blade is out of the package or an average of a few shaves. Either way I do think the BIC Chrome Platinum is more smooth, gives more shaves, and is much more reasonably priced than the Feather. (I still like Feather but I only get one expensive shave out of them). I highly suggest you give the BIC Chrome Platinum Razor Blade a try.

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