Best Single Edge Razor Blades

Best Single Edge Razor Blades

Some men could debate until the end of time which shaving method is the best. Many love the traditional method of a single edge razor blade. There are some great safety razors out there that are perfectly set up for the single edge blade.

They give you a very aggressive cut and an incredibly close shave. To help you find the best single edge razor blades, we’ve reviewed the 10 best options out there. Once you’ve finished reading, you’ll know where to get the perfect blades for you. 


Best Single Edge Razor Blades of 2020


1. Gem Personnal Single Edge Stainless Steel Blades

Gem Personnal Single Edge Stainless Steel Blades with Used Blade Vault, 10-Count Packages (Pack of...

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If you’re looking for the best single edge razor blade then it’s very hard to look past Gem. They have an incredible level of build quality with stainless steel blades that are going to be able to take a lot of punishment.

There are 40 blades in total in this pack and that makes it perfect for those who are sure these are the right blades for them. They’re the best SE blades available and therefore it’s likely that you’re going to be more than happy with your purchase.

The shave that you’re going to get with these blades is an extremely close one which will be very smooth and comfortable. You’ll love the results that you get here and you’ll be able to get a good number of shaves from one blade.


2. REXBETI Single Edge Razor Blades

Single Edge Industrial Razor Blades by REXBETI, Box of 100 (100-PACK)

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Here we have some aggressive razor blades for those who are highly confident with their shaving technique. The reason for that is due to them being incredibly sharp with an aggressive cutting angle. 

To keep you as safe as possible, the blades are wrapped in anti-rust waxed paper. That allows you to handle them with confidence without being paranoid about cutting yourself. There are 100 blades here in total which represents great value. 

They are made from high-quality steel and are built to last. You’ll find that strength and durability impressive with a blade that will give you many cuts. The blades are versatile and a great option when looking for the best single edge razor blades.


3. American Safety Razor Single Edge Razor Blade Box

American Line Single Edge Razor Blades - 100 Blades - .009' Heavy Duty High Carbon Steel Utility...

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What we see here is a brilliantly high level of quality in a large 100 pack which gives excellent value. They are made from precision high carbon steel which makes them highly versatile while also having impressive durability.

The edge on this blade is exceptional and it’s going to be able to last for quite a large number of shaves. Each blade is protected in shelling paper to give you good protection.  

You’ll have confidence when using these blades which can also be used for more industrial tasks as well as having. The build quality is excellent and you’ll be impressed with their performance.


4. Gem Super Stainless Steel Single Edge Blades

Gem Super Stainless Steel Single Edge Blades 10 Each (Pack of 2)

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With 20 blades given here, this packet represents excellent value for money. As mentioned before Gem blades have a superior level of quality and you’ll love being able to get several shaves from one blade before you need to throw it away.

The blades are made from stainless steel which isn’t going to rust immediately after one use. They’ll be able to stand up to the demands of shaving before the blade eventually dulls. 

Most importantly, these blades are going to give you brilliant results time and time again. If you’ve been constantly disappointed by blades you’ve used in the past then these should be different. The quality is excellent and you’ll get many compliments.


5. A to Z Single Edge Razor Blade Box

Body Works Single Edge Razor Blade Box (Pack of 100) - Heavy Duty

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While shaving blades don’t need to have the highest level of durability, you still want them to be able to hold up to the demands. With the high carbon steel on show here, you’ll have no doubts about their strength.

It means that the blades aren’t going to splinter or break while using them. While this is great for shaving, they are also going to stand up to any other tasks which you may have.

Coming in an excellent pack of 100, these blades are also protected, this time by cardboard protectors. It makes them a brilliant option for those looking for a high-quality aggressive blade that won’t dull quickly.


6. Pal Single Edge Razor Blades – 5 Count

pal Single Edge Razor Blades, 5 Count

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Pal has been able to make these single edge razor blades which have been specifically made for a high-quality shave.  You get to see that in the results as if you’re not used to a great blade, it’s probably going to be the best shave you ever have. 

There are only five blades in a pack here. That could be seen as a good thing if you’re only looking to try them out but in terms of price per blade, they can be quite expensive. 

Considering that you get quite a few shaves per blade, many will see that as a price worth paying. The high-quality single edge razor blades are going to give you the perfect shave. They are also wrapped to give you plenty of safety. 


7. Nova Supply Ultra-Sharp

Ultra Sharp, USA-Made Steel Razor Scraper Blades Bulk 100 Pack by Phyxology Supply with Cardboard...

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Many people love products that have been made in the USA as it gives them greater confidence in their build quality. These strong American-made blades are made from stainless steel which is going to be highly resistant to rust and snapping.

A great feature of these blades is that they come in a bulk pack of 100 which is re-closable to keep them sharp but also to keep you protected. They need that case as these blades are very sharp and will be able to do the job perfectly.

Another aspect that will give you a high level of confidence is the lifetime money-back guarantee. It’s probably something you’re ever going to use, however, as these are brilliant quality. 


8. Fitall 20 Pack Razor Blades

FitAll - 20 Pack Razor Blades-Replacement Razor Blades Single Edge, (20 pack Single Edge Razor...

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Fitall has been able to make a brilliant 20 pack of razor blades that are going to be perfect for single edge safety razors. They have a high level of quality with an impressive level of performance. 

The blades are heavy-duty and will stay strong until that blade dulls. That won’t be for a while as these should be able to last for a good number of shaves. The blades are very sharp to ensure that you get the closest of shaves. 

Fitall manufactures its blades in the USA and each one is individually wrapped to protect you and the edge. The durability is impressive and these are great to use.


9. Treet 10 Super Single Edge Razor Blades

Treet 10 Super Single Edge Razor Blades Pack of 12 'Total 120 Blades'

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These blades may appear expensive on the outset but with a set of 120 in a pack, they give you great value for money. They’ll be able to last for a decent number of shaves meaning one pack is going to last for a very long time. 

If you’re looking for the sharpest blades around then these are going to be a great option for you. They have fantastic cutting ability and will leave you with a great shave and the closest possible cut.

While the durability is quite good, they’re not going to last for quite as long as some of the other options we’ve seen. That being said, they are still a great option for those looking for the best possible results. 


10. Gem Super Stainless Steel Blades

Gem Super Stainless Steel Blades (1 Pack)

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As mentioned before, Gem having blades probably hold the title of the best single edge razor blades but if you’re not 100% sold on the idea, then these could be for you. With just 10 blades in total, you’ll be able to test them out and see if they’re for you.

What you get with Gem blades are reliability and quality. You’ll be able to use these blades with total confidence and enjoy the close shave given. Not only that but the shave will be smooth and comfortable if you combine it with the best shaving cream.

If you want the best SE blades out there, these will be a truly brilliant choice. The blade takes a while to dull and you should be able to get a few shaves out of them. That longevity makes them even better value for money.



Best Single Edge Razor Blades – Buying guide



If you try to shave with dull blades then you won’t be able to get a close cut and the hairs are going to snag, leading to a lot of irritation. This is why it’s important to get high-quality blades that won’t dull after just one shave.

Thankfully all the models that we’ve looked at here are precision made to give you the highest levels of performance. It’s worth noting that these blades are that sharp you have to be extra careful in handling them and when shaving. 


All of these blades are made from steel but have been manufactured in different ways. The key is that they are going to be rust-resistant as otherwise, you’re going to have to throw them away after just one use.

The blades we’ve looked at here have that quality with some being made from high carbon which gives them an extra level of durability. This is ideal for versatile blades which you can also use for other tasks such as window scraping and box cutting.


When looking to buy single edge razor blades, you can find that they can come in a wide range of different box sizes. It’s a great idea to try and work out the cost per blade. This way you’ll be able to work out their value.

Some blades are made better than others and it’s worth bearing that in mind as there are times when paying that little extra is going to be worth it. If you’re unsure about whether or not single blades are the best option for you then it may be a better idea to get a smaller packet.


Safety is paramount when you’re handling razor blades. These blades we’ve featured here are very sharp which requires an extra level of care when handling and using them. To make them safe to handle, it’s great if the blades come in a usable box and also if they are individually wrapped. As well as keeping you protected, they will also help to keep the blades from rubbing against each other and dulling. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Are single edge razors better?

Different men will have different views on what form of shaving is going to be the best option. A lot of this comes down to personal preference. Many people love single edge razors as they believe the more traditional method is going to give you the best results. 


Should I get a straight razor?

If you’re more of a traditionalist then you’re going to love using a straight razor. The reason that they’re not as popular as other options are you need to be careful and have great technique. They give you a more aggressive cut than other options out there.


How many shaves should they last?

The answer to this question is going to depend on several different factors. Ideally, the blades should be able to last between 5-10 shaves. Some men like to change their blades often to get the best possible cut every time.


How important is durability?

While it’s always nice to have a product with the highest levels of build quality, with a single edge razor blade isn’t that important. The reason for that is that most of the blade will be encased in the razor and you’ll also be throwing them away after a few uses. 


Will I get cut using these blades?

These blades are very sharp and you need to be careful with them. Ideally, they should come in a box to keep them well packaged. Another great feature is blades that come individually wrapped which not only protects the blade but also your hands. 

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