Best Safety Razor Blades for Sensitive Skin

Best Safety Razor Blades for Sensitive Skin

Most people use consumer-grade razors when they can’t make it to the barbershop. These budget, reusable razors are ‘famous’ for annoying millions of people with skin redness, blisters, and, of course, totally unnecessary injuries. T

his particular situation is a lot direr for those who have delicate skin; people who can’t afford a single mistake when shaving are indeed in a tough spot, but luckily, there’s a simple, pretty affordable solution to this problem.

We’re talking about safety razors; basically, this is a special type of razor that substantially reduces the chances of cutting you while you use it, but it’s also significantly easier to use and was specifically designed for people with sensitive skin.

Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into reviews.


Best Safety Razor Blade for Sensitive Skin


1. Vikings Blade The Godfather Stonehenge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor, The Godfather by VIKINGS BLADE - Long Handle, 304L Steel, Classic 3 Piece,...

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Let’s start with Vikings Blade’s The Godfather model. Basically, this safety razor offers the best value for the buck as it boasts unparalleled durability and ease of use.

The Godfather packs 304L stainless-steel construction and will survive years and years of use; the handle is, despite its robustness, very comfortable to use and ergonomic by design.

Obviously, it’s our top pick since it also boasts superior efficiency due to its exquisite double-edge design.

The protective plate on top of the handle is made from bronze-plated zinc material; it’s as durable as the handle, although these select materials serve a different purpose; rather than just being as sturdy as possible, these materials are very gentle on the skin.

You can wave goodbye forever to rashes, skin redness, and shaving injuries.


  • One of the most durable safety razors on the market
  • Built from exceptionally sturdy 304L stainless-steel material
  • Complementary leatherette and Alcantara case


  •  Quite heavy;
  •  Most expensive model on our list


2. Viking’s Blade The Chieftain ODIN Double Edge Safety Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor, The Chieftain by VIKINGS BLADE - Butterfly Twist-To-Open, Eco Friendly,...

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Our runner up also comes from Vikings Blade; the Chieftain Odin is strikingly different in comparison to our previous pick (The Godfather), which is one of the main reasons why we’ve decided to include both.  

The main difference between The Chieftain and The Godfather is that this model has a butterfly mechanism whereas The Godfather’s plate is being secured by small screws.

This model is a bit easier to use, and although it might not be as sturdy as our top pick, it makes up for it with its superior versatility.

One of the main features of The Chieftain is the Anti-misalignment system.

Basically, this exquisite feature locks the blade’s doors in place whenever you misalign the blade’s angle, immediately preventing cuts.


  • Available in three color variations
  • Anti-misalignment system
  • Complementary leatherette
  • Exceptionally easy to use


  • Pricey

3. WLDOHO Double Edge Safety Razor

WLDOHO Double Edge Safety Razor - Natural Wooden Handle, Zero Waste and Plastic Free - Reusable...

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WLDOHO might not be as famous as Gillette or Edwin Jagger, but rest assured, razors made by this brand are absolutely fantastic.

We’ve picked out this particular model for several reasons; first and foremost, this safety razor features a handle made from premium-quality ebony.

Not only is this material as durable as a wall of bricks, but it also looks ravishingly beautiful.

The closed-comb design of this razor’s head prevents accidental injuries while the double-edge design of the razor, in general, allows you to use it from various angles with ease.


  • Built from environmentally-friendly ebony materials
  • Closed-comb design for safer shaving
  • Gentle on sensitive skin


  • Quite heavy


4. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor, Chrome, Regular Handle, 5 blades

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One of the best things about Edwin Jagger’s Double-edged safety razor is that you’ll get to choose from a variety of material & color combinations.

This particular model is available in over 20 styles, including chrome, Heather, lilac, pink, barley, gold, ebony, ivory, and more.

Apart from being one of the most aesthetically complete safety razors out there, it performs tremendously well for the money.

The Edwin Jagger razor blade features a handle made from top-shelf chrome material and a two-part head with a locking comb mechanism.

It weighs only 3.5 ounces and is as balanced as can be. What’s more, you’ll get a complimentary set of five replacement blades with your purchase.


  • Available in a multitude of color and material combinations
  • Exceptionally durable, obviously built to last
  • Two-part razor head for easier blade replacement and maintenance
  • Complimentary set of five replacement blades


  • The handle is a bit slippery

5. TWOP Reusable Razor

Premium, Rose Gold, Zero-Plastic Reusable Razor with non-slip real bamboo grip. Uses standard safety...

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So far we’ve mostly covered ‘universal’ razor blades; TWOP’s reusable safety razor was designed specifically for women (and men with rather delicate, sensitive skin).

This is one of the few single-blade razors that are actually worth the money; it’s very easy to use, grip, and maintain, and to top it all, it doesn’t even cost much.

What makes TWOP’s reusable safety razor stand out from the rest is the fact that it comes supplied with a hydrophobic, anti-slippery bamboo handle wrap.

The handle is made from top-quality, durable zinc alloy, and it’s wrapped in bamboo to counter its slippery surface.

If you are looking for a quality safety razor within the borders of the budget price point category, we highly recommend checking this model out.


  • Made from highly durable zinc material
  • Covered with a bamboo wrap; anti-slip properties
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Removing the bamboo wrap (for maintenance) can be time-consuming

6. Gillette Fusion5 Men’s Razor

Gillette Fusion5 Razors for Men, 1 Gillette Razor, 4 Razor Blade Refills, Lubrastrip for a More...

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Gillette is among the most popular razor blade brands, and their Fusion5 is one of the best razor models they’ve put out so far.

Although it has a strikingly smaller razor head in comparison to the models we’ve covered so far, it’s one of the easiest-to-use blades to have ever been invented.

It packs Gillette’s safety lubrication strip which smoothes out your skin before the blade even gets in contact with it, and maintaining it is a very straightforward process.

The only downside to the Fusion5 (just like with most Gillette products) is that shaving takes a bit longer due to its petite head.

To compensate for this little flaw, you’ll get three extra replacement blades (with lubrication strips attached) completely free of charge.

If you’re on a tight budget and are looking for a good, simple safety razor, we highly recommend Gillette’s Fusion5.


  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable and highly valuable for the price
  • Complimentary pack of three replacement blades
  • Safety lubrication strips prevent accidental injuries


  • Longer shaving process due to its small head

7. Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors

Schick Hydro Sensitive Razor for Men — Razor for Men Sensitive Skin with 5 Razor Blades

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Next up is Schick’s Hydro Sense Sensitive Razor. This model has a lot in common with Gillette’s Fusion5 in the sense that they’re both supplied with a small head, a robust handle, and complimentary replacement blades.

Schick’s Hydro Sense boasts a unique sensitive gel sprayed on the blades that make them perfect for people with sensitive skin. This gel immediately lubricates the skin and prevents skin rashes and redness.

Even though this razor has a small head, it’s great for hard-to-reach spots. It’s a given that you might need a bit more time to finish the shaving process, but on the upside, you’ll benefit from improved shaving accuracy.


  • Schick’s patented sensitive gel sprayed on all blades (replacement and built-in)
  • Shock-absorbent tech improves durability
  • Complimentary set of five replacement blades
  • Decently affordable


  • The razor’s head is very small, so the shaving process might take a while


8. Slant Bar Putali Double Edge Safety Razor

Slant Bar Putali Double Edge Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin | For Men and Women | Sustainable...

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In essence, Slant Bar Putali’s double-edge safety razor is one of the best models in the lower end. It packs a grippy, durable handle and slanted bar which curves the blade as you go through the process.

This unique feature significantly reduces the chances of ingrown hairs growing back.

Shortly put, Putali’s double-edge safety razor is very affordable, exceptionally efficient, and remarkably easy to use. It’s perfect for both beginners and people with loads of experience with shaving.


  • Slant-bar curves the blade for ‘cross-cut’ shaving
  • Ingrown hairs won’t bother you again
  • Very affordable
  • Remarkably easy to use


  • Slightly heavier than average

9. Shaving Revolution Double Edge Safety Razor

Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor - Butterfly Open Razor with 10 Japanese Stainless Steel Double...

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Shaving Revolution’s razor is a perfect option for people who want a safety razor for sensitive skin, but who don’t want to spend a small fortune on it.

It sports a butterfly opening mechanism which allows you to easily replace the blades, its handle is very durable and long, and to top it all, it’s very grippy.

It doesn’t come supplied with any sort of special features, but that’s precisely what makes it so efficient and easy to use.


  • Long, grippy handle
  • Durable construction
  • Available at a cheap price


  • No special features

10. Kanzy Shaving Razors

Kanzy Shaving Razors for Men Double Edge Safety Razor Stainless Steel

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Let’s wrap it up with Kanzy’s double-edge safety razor. Basically, this is one of the most affordable safety razors on the market, but it doesn’t mean that its performance is the lowest per se. The only reason why it’s several price point categories below our top pick is that it’s a plain, simple razor meant for people who value simplicity over flashy, fancy features.

It rocks a sturdy, long handle that is, sadly, somewhat slippery, and closed-comb head design, ensuring your skin is completely safe during the shaving process. It’s made of premium-quality steel and weighs just about 77 grams, so if you’re looking for a plain razor, make sure to check this one out.


  • Very easy to use
  • Quick blade replacement
  • Butterfly mechanism
  • Simple features


  • The handle is somewhat slippery


Best Safety Razor Blades for Sensitive Skin Buying Guide

In this section we’ll talk about what makes the best safety razor better than average and mediocre models:


A high-quality safety razor needs to have robust construction. Some of the top materials are chrome, stainless steel, and ebony.

The durability of a razor heavily impacts its total lifespan and reduces the need for day-to-day maintenance (and repairs). 

Rest assured, every single model in this review has passed rigorous testing and can be classified as ‘highly durable’.


The efficiency of a safety razor is determined by several factors, such as the quality of the blade itself, the width of the razor’s head, and other special features (such as the curving blade mechanism, for example).

The efficiency of the razor’s blade is also measured through its ability to cut deep and remove ingrown hairs, although only some of the finest blades boast such qualities.


Safety razors are scattered throughout different price point categories, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see models that cost $100 while others cost barely $15.

Before you venture out onto the market in search of the best safety razor, you should first decide on how much money you are willing to spend.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a safety razor?

Basically, a safety razor is different from a regular razor in terms of that it comes supplied with a special protective device (bar, plate) between its edges and the blade.

Are safety razors meant for people with sensitive skin exclusively?

No, safety razors are meant for everyone who wants to reduce the chance of injury during the shaving process.

What are some of the top safety razor brands?

Some of the top safety razor brands are Viking’s Blade, Edwin Jagger, Schick, and Gillette.

Why is the handle of a safety razor so wide?

Safety razors have wider handles so that you can grip them a bit more easily. This allows you to maneuver the blade with greater accuracy without having to fret about accidentally cutting yourself.

How to maintain safety razors?

That depends on the model in question. Some razors need to be completely dried with a towel while others can be still wet. Most high-quality razors come with storage cases.

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