Best Panasonic Men’s Shavers

Best Panasonic Men’s Shavers

A famous brand with a heritage going back generations, Panasonic makes some of the best electric shavers on the market.

But choosing between them can be difficult because modern shavers come with a significant amount of tech packed into a tight little chassis. Here’s the breakdown of the 5 best Panasonic men’s shavers on the market in 2021

The 5 Best Panasonic Men’s Shavers

Panasonic Arc 3

Panasonic ES-LT41-K Arc3 Wet Dry Electric Razor, Men's 3-Blade Cordless with Flexible Pivoting Head,...

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Panasonic are up to the Arc 5, so why is the Arc 3 still at the top of our list?

Simple. The Arc 3 strikes the best balance between everything a man could look for in a shaver. Performance is exceptional, and it’s packed with tech, but despite this, the price is still incredibly reasonable, and comparable to a lot of equivalent mid level shavers on the market right now.

It’s built around a 3 blade cutting system that uses Panasonic’s nanotech blades, set to the perfect 30 degree angle for shaving. The foils are ultra thin and incredibly flexible, so they mould to the contours of your face without pulling or giving you razor burn, and the entire shaver assemblage is mounted on a large, pivoting head that has multiple angles of movement, making it much simpler to follow angles and get into the harder to reach areas, like under the nose and around the ears.

Despite being a slightly older model now, the motor in the Arc 3 is incredibly impressive, running at 13,000 cuts per minute (CPM) with easily enough power for tough patches and thicker hair. The lithium battery will give you an average of 15 shaves off of a full charge, and there’s a 10 stage power LED, so you can always tell at a glance how close you are to a dead battery, which only takes an hour from dead to full charge.

Extras are also impressive. Full cordless wet and dry cutting, with enough water resistance that you can safety take this into the shower or clean it in the sink. A pop up detail trimmer to touch up complicated areas, sonic vibration that helps to lift hairs from your face and make them easier to catch in the blades, the AC adapter, charger, and a travel pouch.

While there are newer models on the market, the Arc 3 still stands out as an exceptional razor, and any man would be proud to have it in their bathroom.

Panasonic Arc 5

Panasonic Electric Razor for Men, Electric Shaver, ARC5 with Premium Automatic Cleaning and Charging...

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The flagship model in the Panasonic Arc series, the Arc 5 is a bleeding edge shaving system that’s packed with tech that makes your shaving routine as effortless and comfortable as possible.

Starting with the blades, the Arc 5 runs a set of 5 (unsurprisingly) ultra sharp nanotech Panasonic blades. Blades are driven by an uprated motor compared to the rest of the Arc series, running at 14,000 cpm, which results in around 70,000 cross-cutting actions per minute.

The blades are mounted to a flexible head that has 16 points of motion, adjusting to every contour of your face. Panasonic’s active sensor tech reads hair density, adjusting power delivery up to 14 times every second as you hit the thicker areas of your beard, and delivering a smooth and consistent shaving experience.

Like all of the Arc shavers, the Arc 5 is fully waterproof and safe to use in the shower, as well as being easy to clean underwater. The battery lasts for around 45 minutes of continuous use, and charges in less than an hour.

The last two points are where the Arc 5 really distinguishes itself. Unlike the rest of the line, the Arc 5 comes with a bespoke charging station that plugs into an outlet and acts as a storage point and smart hub for the shaver itself.

Whenever your shave is done, simply put the shaver back into its station, and the onboard systems kick in, automatically cleaning everything down and recharging the razor to full, making sure that it’s 100% ready to go for the next day’s shave.

We love the Arc 5. It’s a fantastic electric shaver, and is absolutely the best in the range for a reason. But it is more expensive than the Arc 3. If you want the best, and you love the convenience of a charging and cleaning dock, the Arc 5 is amazing. If not, the Arc 3 offers similar performance, for half the price.

Panasonic Hybrid Wet/Dry Shaver and Trimmer

Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver, Trimmer & Detailer with Two Adjustable Trim Attachments, Pop-up...

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Distinguishing itself from the rest of the list by serving double duty as a hair trimmer as well as an electric shaver, this choice is perfect if you’re looking for a total grooming solution to save space and keep everything in check.

As a shaver, it boast similar performance to our top choice, the Arc 3, with a 13,000 cpm linear motor, and 3 ultra thin foils mounted to a flexible head. You also get the benefit of a smart sensor that reads the density of your facial hair, automatically boosting power for the thicker areas around the jawline and chin.

As a trimmer, simply clip on one of the two included comb attachments and choose from 7 different trim lengths, from 1 to 7mm. The built in detail trimmer lets you finish the job and touch up unruly areas. All shaving modes are wet and dry safe, and the shaver itself is fully compatible with any creams, foams, lotions and potions you use.

The battery provides around 50 minutes of continuous shaving, with an easy to read LED power indicator. Cleaning is just as simple, under running water.

The only real downsides? It doesn’t have the same raw blade quality as the Arc series shavers, and the motor is slightly weaker than our top choices. You’re not going to see bad performance out of this at all, but it is there.

Overall, for a combined hair trimmer and shaver, this is exceptional, and at the price you’re paying, it’s a fantastic choice. The Arc 3 is a better pure shaver, but if you’re buying this, it’s because it offers so much more than that.

Panasonic Cordless Travel Shaver

Panasonic Electric Razor for Men, Cordless Wet Dry Lightweight Shaver with Ergonomic Grip, ES3831K,...

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Tiny, simple, cheap. This travel shaver by Panasonic shouldn’t be your first choice for a daily use shaver, but if you need something to toss into a bag for travel or to accompany you to the gym, it’s the perfect companion to keep you looking sharp.

First off, it’s worth pointing out the price. You can pick this little beast up for about the same cost as a week’s worth of coffees.

Despite the low price, it doesn’t skimp on the important features. The motor runs at an admirable 8,500 rpm, which considering the size, is incredibly impressive. The whole unit weighs less than six ounces, and it’s perfectly designed to fit snugly into your hand, making it easy to hold and easier to shave with.

As it’s fully immersible in water, this shaver is easy to clean, and can be used with shaving gels or foams if that’s something you regularly use. The blades are also quality stainless steel, so they’re not going to corrode, and they’ll stay sharp longer, which is an important touch on a shaver like this.

One downside is that this runs on batteries, needing 2 AAs for around 90 minutes of shaving time. In any other razor, this would be a deal-breaker, but for a travel razor like this, it’s understandable, if slightly disappointing.

But apart from that, this is a great little performer that’s easy to use, powerful enough to rely on, and will fit into any wash bag, day bag, or car compartment, keeping you fully groomed and looking sharp wherever you go.

Panasonic Arc 4

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for Men 4Blade Electric Shaver with Popup Trimmer Rechargeable Wet Dry...

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The step up from our top pick, the Arc 3, the Arc 4 is a great shaver that just isn’t different enough from its predecessor to hit the top spots.

Performance across the board is just as impressive as the other Arc models. It runs on a 4 blade shaving system, with the same high quality, micro-fit stainless Panasonic foils as the rest of the series.

The motor is updated compared to the Arc 3, with the same performance as its big brother, a beefy 14,000 cpm from the high quality linear motor. Everything is fully usable in running water, washes under the faucet, and can be used with shaving foams and other liquids.

Unfortunately, the Arc 4 just doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from its predecessor, which is why it’s sitting at the bottom of our list. It’s still a great electric shaver, but we’d either push our budget to the Arc 5, or choose the superior Arc 3 instead.

Buyer’s Guide for Panasonic Men’s Shavers

The motor

The main working part of any electric shaver is the motor, as it drives the blades. A weak motor won’t put enough power to the blades, which means that they’re not going to have sufficient strength for effective cutting.

This doesn’t mean you’ll have half cut hairs. Instead, it generally means the blades will snatch and pull at hairs instead, ripping them from your skin.

Panasonic shavers tend to have solid motors, with the Arc series running on high quality linear motors that run at least 13,000 rpm.

Foils and shaving surface

The second working part of a shaver, high quality blades are essential as they’re the part that’s actually in contact with your face and skin.

Panasonic shavers as a rule use ultra high quality stainless steel blades. Stainless steel is the preferred material for shavers, as it’s tough and hard wearing, so it will maintain an edge for a long time.

On top of this, stainless steel is unreactive, meaning that you’re unlikely to develop any skin issues which you might see from a cheaper razor, and the blades also won’t rust or corrode, even if they’re left wet.

Battery life

Most modern electric razors use powerful, long lasting lithium ion batteries that charge fast, hold a charge for a long time, and will last for dozens of shaves before running out of power.

If you’re spending money on an electric razor, always buy something with a Li Ion battery. It will more than pay for itself in the long run.


Not cleaning an electric shaver can massively effect its lifespan, and a shaver that’s not looked after will die much sooner than one that has been correctly cleaned.

Every Panasonic shaver on our list is water safe, meaning that they’re perfectly safe to rinse clean under the faucet. The more expensive models are also suitable for complete immersion, meaning they can be used in the shower without risk.


The list of extras with electric shavers tends to be small, as they’re quite a focused item, but you could also expect to see:

  • Detail trimmers
  • Charging kits
  • Carry/storage bags
  • Cleaning kits
  • Extra heads


Where are Panasonic shavers made?

Panasonic is a Japanese brand, and they’re well known for making high-end razors. However, like most electronics, the majority of Panasonic shavers are produced in China and shipped from there around the world.

How often should I clean my Panasonic shaver?

Cleaning your electric razor is one of the best ways to look after it and extend its lifespan.

You should generally clean your shaver after each use, removing most of the hair and skin particles that are trapped in the blades.

Around once every week or two, it’s best to deep clean your Panasonic shaver. This means removing the blades and head and cleaning in and around the working parts.

Most Panasonic shavers are water-resistant and can be rinsed clean under the faucet. The shavers themselves also normally come with a cleaning kit, generally a small brush that can get into all of the small parts.

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