Best Beard Growth Kits

Best Beard Growth Kits

Like many things in life, there are just some things that you either have or you don’t. From things like the height to the natural talent on an instrument to even eye color, the genes you are dealt with by fate are the genes that define you at the end of the day. Now, for a long time, many believed this to hold true when it came to beards.

Some men are just blessed with the right genes while others aren’t right? Wrong. Recent advances in medicine and technology have yielded fantastic methods of growing beards that are designed specifically for men who struggle to grow out a good beard.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation and have decided that the time to grow a beard is now, read on below where you’ll find our hot take on the best beard growing kits on the market! 

Best Beard Growth Kits

The Beard Struggle Essential Kit

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo,2 Packs Beard Growth Oil,Beard Balm Leave-in...

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Coming with everything you might need to kickstart some beard growth, The Beard Struggle’s Kit will be a great first step on anyone’s beard growing journey. In here you’ll find a great assortment of facial hair-related goodies that’ll set you up for some ‘glorious fur’ as claimed.

You’ll get all sorts of balms and oils that are designed to both stimulate growth and keep whatever you have as lush and bushy as possible along with shampoo and conditioner to ensure that what you have is maintained properly and hygienically.

Beyond this, it also features 8 fragrances which you can choose to scent your heard with based on your preferences (of course it also features a non-scented option if this applies to you). So whether you’re looking to kick start some growth or maintain what you already have, sticking with this option won’t ever be a mistake.

Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit (Combo) for Men

Badass Beard Care Beard Oil and Balm Trial Pack For Men - Mountain Man Scent - Natural Ingredients,...

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Badass Beard Care’s take via their Beard Oil and Balm Trial Pack is certainly high on our list for very good reason – it delivers on all ends. In this set you’ll find two key components: Mountain Man’s Beard Oil and Mountain Man’s Beard Balm. Both of which of course, are carefully created out of purely natural and organic chemicals that are totally food-grade.

When used together, you’ll quickly notice how well it works in boosting healthy beard growth. But it doesn’t just stop there. It’ll even soften your beard while ensuring that your skin underneath is kept properly hydrated all while minimizing any dandruff buildup and itchiness.

There just really is something for everyone here regardless of how bushy your beard is! You’ll even have the option to pick from a range of unique scents including pine, non-scented and a range of funky options such as Mountain Man and The Biker.

Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit

Badass Beard Care Badass Growth Kit for Men Consists of Beard Oil, Beard Balm or Beard Wax, Beard...

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Another great growth kit by Badass Beard, this care package for the wannabe beard-grower should never leave you wanting for more. Opening it up reveals an assortment of goodies, all crucial in promoting healthy beard growth.

This includes an 80-oz Beard Wash crafted with refreshing ingredients including rosemary and aloe vera that’ll ensure that your beard hair is as healthy as possible along with balm and wax that’ll both aid greatly with beard styling, maintenance, and growth.

And don’t forget about its key beard oil – with its essential oils, it’ll moisturize and soften even the hardest and crustiest of beard hair as well as the skin underneath. You’ll also notice that it comes with a pack of multivitamins which, while not always essential for beard growth is still a great thing to have that could make all the difference in the long run if you find yourself lacking in some essential vitamin or mineral.

Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL

Delta Genesis Beard Bolt XL | Styling and Conditioning Hair Product for Men | Mustache and Beard...

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If you’re in the market for a no-frills beard growth balm to complement any set, Delta Genesis’s Beard Bolt XL may be what you’ve been searching for. Created based on cutting edge scientific research, the balm is jam packed with all sorts of highly crucial chemicals that ensure full growth and volume.

This includes interestingly enough, a premier caffeine infusion. Despite this, there aren’t any fillers or parabens or GMOs here. It also doesn’t cause much annoying itching so if you’re worried about itchy messes, you can rest easy here.

So whether you’re starting from ground zero or are looking for something to style and condition what you already have, the Beard Bolt XL will be the ideal companion product for you.

Honorall/TianWei Men Beard Growth Kit

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Honorall’s take on a beard growth kit is a take that is to be noticed. Among all the kits on our list, we think that here you’ll find some of the best value for your money. Not only will you be given a beard wash that is made out of natural ingredients and oil that will be quickly absorbed into the skin and beard, but you’ll also find both a beard comb and roller here.

The comb, crafted out of purely natural bamboo which ensures that no static is generated when combing, will guarantee that your beard hair is as smooth and as untangled as possible. The roller on the other hand, is a fantastic tool that when used, kickstarts your body’s healing mechanisms by increasing blood circulation and activating key follicles.

When used alongside the wash and oil, any wannabe beard grower will notice how effective the combination used is for beard growing! 

DOVICH 2 In 1 Beard Growth Kit

2 In 1 Beard Growth Kit, DOVICH Derma Beard Roller, Beard Growth Serum For Conditioning, Thickening,...

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Promising any grower with an experience that will lead to thicker and healthier beards, DOVICH delivers on all ends. In this nifty little kit, you’ll find a duo comprising of a derma roller and growth serum. The serum is carefully composed out of the best ingredients out there that have been scientifically proven to facilitate beard growth while ensuring adequate hydration and moisturization to both skin and hair.

And yes, it’s all created out of safe organic ingredients. Now the roller is something to be used after applying the oil. Simply roll it around your facial area, and you’ll find that it actually serves to stimulate hair growth.

It does this by facilitating blood circulation that will lead to quicker nutrient and hormone delivery to your follicles. Best of all, should you find yourself unhappy, note that this kit comes with a full money back policy!

Caveman Beard Care Set for Men

Caveman Beard Care Set for Men, Natural, Beard Oil, Beard Balm Butter Wax, Beard Comb, Conditioning...

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If cavemen are known for one thing in movies and paintings, it’s for their thick, luscious beards, right? Caveman Grooming attempts to bring this vision into the light of today’s age via their Beard Care set.

Here, you’ll first be greeted by a luxurious balm made out of the best butter wax that’ll give your beard a polished, shiny, and groomed look. You’ll also find a bottle of beard oil that promises both growth and moisturization even in the coldest and driest of climates. And to finish it all off, it even comes with a cute little comb that’ll help you add a little groom to your daily routine!

Don’t worry about not being happy – with its 60 day money back guarantee, there truly are no losers when it comes to this product.

Anself Beard Growth Kit

6 Pcs/set Beard Growth Kit,Anself s Beard Care Tool Set Beard Comb+Beard Brush+Beard Trimming...

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Promising to provide an all-in-one beard growth kit that will cover you on all ends from grooming to growing, Anself’s kit does not fall short of promises. In here you will find both beard oil and balm along with scissors, a comb, a brush, and even a cute little storage bag.

So yes, on one hand the oil and balm will ensure both grown and proper beard maintenance while on the other, with its specialized brush and stainless steel trimming scissors, molding your beard to fit your preference will be a breeze.

When it comes to traveling, you’ll find the cloth bag perfect for keeping everything in one place, meaning you’ll never have to worry about losing a thing or two if properly carried.

Fulllight Tech Beard Kit for Men

Beard Kit for Men Grooming & Care W/Beard Wash/Shampoo,2 Packs Beard Growth Oil,Beard Balm Leave-in...

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It’s no stretch to say that with the Fullight Tech Kit, you’ll be armed to the teeth with all you need for bread growing. So let’s break it down. First, you’ll immediately notice its beard oil and balm that is made primarily out of argan oil, jojoba, and shea butter – no harmful additives here!

Beyond this, you’ll also find a beard wash that is packed with essential vitamins and oils that will keep your bread looking fresh and feeling healthy. When all the growing and cleaning is done, it’s time for some trimming. This is made possible thanks to its included brush, comb, and scissors that are made out of high-quality wood and metal.

We’re talking the same tools used by professional groomers. And when you’re done with your daily grooming, you’ll even be able to store it in its included storage bag to keep things all neat and tidy.

Gentlemen’s Foundry Peppermint Tea Tree Beard Oil Beard Kit

Peppermint Tea Tree Beard Oil Beard Grooming Kit for Home & Travel, Natural Oil Balm with Soap &...

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We love Gentleman’s Foundry’s Beard Kit for one reason: it’s simple and effective. Coming with all the bare essentials you’ll need for grooming and growing, you’ll find that this kit works wonders despite being so affordable and minimalistic.

In this kit, you’ll receive a bottle of beard shampoo, a beard comb, and high-quality beard oil that is heavily infused with peppermint and tea trees. All these combined will produce a lush beard that is fresh-looking, clean, groomed, and products a pleasing scent of peppermint where it goes.

A Buyer’s Guide to Beard Growth Kits:

Contents: Before settling on a kit, ask yourself what you want from it. If you’re interested in only having something that is designed to grow beards, then you should be fine with even the most minimalistic of kits containing only oils and balms. But if you also want to include long-term beard care and grooming, you should be looking for a kit that also comes along with combs, scissors, massagers, and more. It really just depends on what you’re looking for and what you already own.

Scents: Some kits and the balms and oils that come with it are scented with some sort of unique fragrance. These really do include every scent under the sun. From peppermint to rose to all sorts of other esoteric scents, they serve to infuse your beard with a distinguishing smell. Now this is not for everyone as some may find it annoying to have. So before you pick a kit for yourself, check whether it includes any fragrances and ask yourself whether you prefer it scented or neutral. 

Skin: Having a good, healthy beard is one thing. Having equally good skin underneath is another thing entirely. It is important to not neglect your facial skin as after all, they do serve as the foundation of a good beard. You have to ensure that everything is moisturized and happy otherwise you will suffer from itchiness, flaky skin, and painful irritation. All the kits on our list contain oils and balms that both provide skincare and beard growth, but should you venture elsewhere, do not forget to keep this point in mind!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are beard growth kits safe to use?

Absolutely. Pretty much most, if not all, beard kits contain balms and oils that are made out of totally natural and safe-to-eat ingredients. The only risk comes in the form of grooming (e.g. trimming with sharp scissors) and allergies. To that end, we insist that you exercise caution and if you’re new to beard growth kits, keep an eye out for any irritation!


Are beard growth kits safe to fly with?

Pretty much. Especially so if you put it in your check in bags. Really, if you break it down, beard growth kits are exactly identical to any sort of toiletries you may want to bring along while travelling. But that being said, while you won’t face any trouble when it comes to the oil, balm, and vitamins, you may find a little more when it comes to your scissors. Just make sure you properly store them and check with your local laws before you fly and you should be all set. 

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