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Razor Blade Sharpness Comparison Chart

Razor Blade Sharpness Summary with Comparison Chart

This post is to serve as a quick reference as a Razor Blade Sharpness Summary which includes a Razor Blade Sharpness Comparison Chart. To see more in depth how the testing works, check out Razor Blade Sharpness Testing, or you can check out the Razor Blade Sharpness Introduction. Testing has… Read more

refined shave DE Razor Blade Black on White

Razor Blade Sharpness – Introduction

I am pleased to present the first post of many to introduce refined shave. Refined shave is a website dedicated to the review and testing of different shaving products with a primary focus on razor blades and razor blade sharpness. For a detailed description of how the testing is set up, please check… Read more

Why shave with a safety razor

Shaving With a Safety Razor – How to Get Started

Congratulations, you decided to refine your life and start shaving with a safety razor! Not quite there? Check out What is a Safety Razor or Why use a Safety Razor. After deciding to make the switch you have just realized that there is a ton of information and many different sites… Read more

What is a Safety Razor?

So What is a Safety Razor Anyways?

The first time my friend asked me if I’ve thought about using a safety razor, my first question was “what is a safety razor”? While he referred me to Google, I thought I would give a quick background. I find everyone I tell that I shave with a safety razor… Read more