When a good friend of mine suggested I look into safety razors, I set out to do research. I found so many benefits that they need a separate section (check out Why use a Safety razor).

My friend and I went to a local shop that sells safety razors. I ended up going home with a nice looking kit, but I still didn’t know what I was getting into.

My first shave did not go nearly as planned. It was not very close, I nicked myself, and I still had irritation on my neck. To top it off, the very expensive aftershave that I purchased smelled great, but it was so strong that I could literally smell myself all day long.

I realized there was a lot more to shaving with a safety razor than just deciding to make the switch. Over the next week I watched a lot of videos, read a lot of articles, and was able to figure out more of how this works.

A few shaves in I knew I had made the right call to switch to a safety razor, and after watching more videos and more research I really began to find what worked best for me. The shaves were getting closer, the irritation was disappearing, and I started to build a collection of cool creams, soaps and aftershaves with different properties and scents.

I used to hate shaving and accepted the fact that it gave me irritation on my neck. After a month of shaving with a safety razor, I developed a passion for the art of shaving. As I continued to learn techniques and try new products I thought it would be great to share my experiences along the way.

I have really enjoyed the videos I have watched, the articles I have read, and the forums which are very helpful. I am hopeful this website will be accepted as part of the shaving community and another resource for everyone.

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