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If you have an interest or passion in the art of shaving with a safety razor, then you are at the right place. 

The flagship area of interest for this website will be exploring Razor Blade Sharpness Testing, you can see how it works and the data here. There will be many interesting tests to see the sharpness values of different blades, durability of blades themselves, and other comparisons.  Be sure to check back often as new information will be updated frequently.

As exciting as Razor Blade Sharpness Testing is, it would be a less exciting if we used the same products along the way!  Make sure to check out the reviews section for feedback on different Shaving Creams & Soaps, Shaving Brushes, Aftershaves and more.

Razor Blade Sharpness – Introduction

I am pleased to present the first post of many to introduce refined shave. Refined shave is a website dedicated to the review and testing of different shaving products with a primary focus on razor blades and razor blade sharpness. For a detailed description of how the testing is set up, please check out Razor Blade Sharpness Testing. … Read more

So What is a Safety Razor Anyways?

The first time my friend asked me if I’ve thought about using a safety razor, my first question was “what is a safety razor”? While he referred me to Google, I thought I would give a quick background. I find everyone I tell that I shave with a safety razor asks the exact same first … Read more

Personna Comfort Coated “Lab Blue” Razor Blade Review

The Personna Comfort Coated Razor Blade, also referred to as a “Lab Blue”, is a very popular DE Razor Blade. It gets a little confusing when you start talking about Personna Blades. The reds are easy enough to split off, but then there are at least 3 different Personna DE Razor Blades branded with blue packaging. … Read more

Gillette Silver Blue Razor Blade Review

The Gillette Silver Blue DE Razor Blade received the most votes requesting to be tested the first week the polls opened. (Continued Razor Blade Sharpness Testing is being performed based on the results of the refined shave poll to select the blade with the highest level of interest each week.) I was happy the blades were all getting votes and … Read more

Captain’s Choice Cat O’Nine Tails Aftershave Review

I like the feeling of intense aftershaves, whether it’s the cooling sensation of menthol or feeling “the burn” of Captain’s Choice Cat O’Nine Tails Aftershave. I’ve been on the receiving end of some interesting comments about liking these intense sensations. My favorite comment, or least favorite, is “why don’t you just shave badly?!” Well, it’s … Read more

Mitchell’s Wool Fat Hand & Body Lotion

After continuing to have amazing experiences using the Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, I was hoping they also made an aftershave. I was in search of something that compliments the amazing softness that the shaving soap provides. Unfortunately it did not appear that MWF made an aftershave. I did see online is that some people were … Read more

Merkur 37C Safety Razor Review

The Merkur 37C is a slant head razor and is more aggressive than your typical closed comb safety razor. It looks exactly like a Merkur 34C except that someone stepped on the head. As it turns out, this is on purpose. I’ve heard that the Merkur 37C bends the blade, and the response is so … Read more

Parker Deluxe Pure Badger Shaving Brush Review

The Parker Deluxe Pure Badger Shaving Brush was the first shaving brush that I purchased. While I have liked it from the start, I didn’t truly appreciate how good it really is until I circled back to it after trying a few other shaving brushes. Pure badger hair is regarded to be on the lower end … Read more

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